Use the following position, if you need to create a more romantic atmosphere. The essence of this posture is that the partners sit facing each other. In this case, both legs: male slightly larger than female. The woman sits opposite the man between his legs. The man presses the woman to him, introducing thus a member of her vagina. Most often this position is used when having sex in the tub. It should be noted that this position allows you to actively stimulate the G-spot, thereby bringing a woman to orgasm.
For maximum stimulation and greater sensitivity try the position in which the woman lies on her back, with his feet up, and the man enters her from above. The woman's legs should slide over the shoulders of men. Ankle women caress the men's ears and women's buttocks pressed against his groin.
Another best position to influence the G-spot and clitoris is a pose of "Rider". The woman sits down on the reclining man, entering thus in himself his cock. The man lies on his back, grabbing the woman by the waist or hands caressing her Breasts or buttocks. The movement of women can be limited only by her imagination. It can swing from side to side, move up and down, to lean over the man's head and raise and lower the buttocks, thus stimulating the anal area.
Put legs on the chest of the man lying on his back and bent legs. This position will allow the man to enter deeper inside the woman. Man if this gets on his knees, hands grasping the woman's hips and moving it to and from oneself. This position allows to increase the sensitivity of women due to deeper penetration.
If for you is an important part of sex is stimulation of the breast, then resort to the next pose. This pose back is probably the best pose to stimulate the nipples of the female breast. Also, this pose is especially valid for male behavior, because it allows him to see the movement of the buttocks of a woman, and the man becomes more active. You can also shake your hips in different directions to enhance sensation. Moreover, there are several options for this posture, each of which involves its own distinctive feeling. First, you can get up and straighten your arms, resting them in bed. This will allow the man more easily to caress your nipples. Second, you can once more bend down without dropping the buttocks that will allow you to have more fun in the anal region.