Great pose for spectacular photos

Photographers say that larger women should carefully prepare for the photo shoot. Advance practice winning poses to pictures turned out beautiful, original and attractive. The correct location in front of the camera will help you lose weight and hide figure flaws.

Professionals do not recommend full girls to be photographed from the front. Looks more advantageous body position deployed in front of the camera and three-quarters. The location of the "half-side" is perfect for both portrait and photos in full growth. You will acquire the necessary finesse and get beautiful pictures.

To hide a double chin, try slightly tilting your head forward. Also good pictures you get when you photograph a person from above and to avoid the imposition on him of shadows. If subsequent image processing is not assumed, some try to move away from the lens.
At the photo shoot conduct yourself in a relaxed and at ease. Tightness and stiffness will make you non-plastic. Pre-arrange with your photographer about the special sign, when the flow which you can involve the stomach or strain the muscles.

When shooting in a sitting position ensure that the full foot is not "blurred". For example, prionitis back to the wall/tree/chair, one leg bend the knee and grasp her hands. The second is also a bit bend and not lay flat.

Look at the photo as a model will help you with the location of the body an S-shaped trajectory. One foot set slightly forward, hands positioned on the hips. Torso a little tilt to the side/back and expand on¾. The head turns to the camera.

When photographing, pay special attention to the position of the hands. Best option: place them along the body, but not directly, and some bending. The second win-win arrangement – to hide behind. With the full figure never photographed with his hands raised up.

Taking part in the mass photo shoot, don't try to hide behind other people. The best option is to get polubokom, having exposed forward one leg. Note to others: if possible, do not take pictures near skinny girls/guys.

Features of "full" photo shoot

The result of the photo shoot you are pleased with, pay attention not only to the poses, but the choice of attire. Stylists recommend to the full the beauties don't wear tight shirts/tops, leggings, mini skirts and shorts. In the pictures all the "sticking out" part will be very noticeable. Also choose the "right" colors and materials: advantageous will look clothes of dark tones of dense tissue is concise model.
For beautiful images use the spanx, corsets, bras support. Choose clothing appropriate for your body type.

During a photo shoot, follow the posture. Straight back will relieve you at once from two "problems": visual sagging Breasts and folds on the stomach. Try not to lift your shoulders so that the neck seemed longer.

If you have large hands, avoid the open shoulders. When photographing in the tank/open top or a dress, throw a stole or scarf. Some nuances of the figures will help to highlight/hide cosmetics. For example, shining powder in the area of the neckline or dark concealer in the area of double chin.