Twitching of the eye muscles are called nystagmus. This disease can be either congenital or acquired. Very often it occurs when focusing the view on fast-moving objects.

Also, the nystagmus may occur as a symptom of the following diseases: brain concussion, head injury, tumor in the brain, ischemic stroke and multiple sclerosis.

The reasons for the reduction of the eye muscles

There are several reasons for the contraction of the eye muscles. The most important is the psychological state of a person. Prolonged stress and nervous tension, lead to a drastic reduction of the facial muscles. This is manifested by twitching, throbbing and uncontrolled movement of the lower eyelid. As a result of prolonged muscle contractions produced lactic acid, after exercise. From this pain appear.

In the case where the twitching of the muscles of the eyes does not cause pain, suggest it:
- insufficient hydration of the eyes that occurs when continuous work with the computer, or prolonged watching television;
- lack of vitamins B6, B12 and magnesium;
- Allergy;
- chronic or acute neurosis.

Treatment of twitching eye muscles

It is necessary to perform systematic twitching of the muscles of the eye. If this happens constantly, you need to address to the neuropathologist, to determine the exact cause and treatment. Because twitching of the muscles of the eye for a long time leads to the development of the facial hemispasm, in which a decrease in vision. In this case you need to visit an ophthalmologist and then a neurologist.

If twitches occur rarely, in this case, it will help the intake of vitamins and soothing therapy, according to which:
- must address factors that impact negatively on the psychological state;
- normalize and increase the duration of sleep, sleep for two or three hours more than usual;
- minimize time at the computer and the TV;
- perform strengthening exercises for the muscles of the eye - much to close her eyes, count to sixty, and wide open eyes this exercise can be repeated several times a day;
- taking sedatives plant-based: a decoction of chamomile, Melissa, peppermint and Valerian extract.

Even a small disturbance of the nervous system, can cause contraction of the muscles of the eye. It is necessary to remember all the possible injuries and illnesses related to the Central nervous system. Because a concussion or meningitis, transferred in early childhood can manifest themselves in a twitching of the muscles of the eye.