Depending on the cause of the disease, doctors prescribe the means to improve the conductivity of the nerve. If the palsy is caused by an infection, then the patient will have to take anti-inflammatory therapy and vitamins. In the case of contractures, will help special exercises in combination with massage and heat treatments. How strongly motivated people, so easy for him to overcome the disease. The desire to actively cope with the illness – the key to recovery.
Physiotherapy includes 3 types of movements: treatment position, passive exercises and active exercises. Treatment status is a restoration of the symmetry of the face using plaster. With it, a daily tighten the muscles, hold the patch up to 1.5 hours, the treatment is carried out during the month.
The task of passive gymnastics to return to the normal position of the facial muscles with the fingers. To do such exercises should, looking in the mirror.
As soon as a small voluntary movements of the muscles, you can start active exercises of the face. To do it is also necessary in front of the mirror. The main methods of exercise include: the raising of the eyebrows up, the squinting eyes, the stretching of the lips to whistle, pulling in and inflating the cheeks, smile and open mouth and many others.
Reception of medicinal plants prescribed due to the fact that medicinal herbs have anti-inflammatory, a tonic and stimulating effect. For example, if the neuritis of the facial nerve provoked by hypothermia, it is necessary to prepare a special infusion. Take one part willow bark, anise fruits, leaves mother and stepmother, lime flowers and raspberry fruit. Brew one tablespoon of the mixture Cup boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, leave to infuse (20 minutes) and strain. Drink a glass several times a day in hot, adding honey.