Advice 1: How to restore a mailbox on Yandex

Users have lots of choices of the postal services: Google Mail, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler. The working principle of correspondence everywhere similar. Setting the stage for e-mails at Yandex, as well as in any other system, in advance make sure that the box can be restored, if necessary.
How to restore a mailbox on Yandex
Account registration on Yandex consists of two steps. Coming up with a username in the first stage, try to pick one that will long remain in your memory. If the mail password can be restored is a username in most cases problems arise. Keep this in mind.
In the second stage you will be prompted to select a secret question, specify the alternate email address boxand enter the mobile phone number. Do not leave fields unattended, they need to recover the password. Decide which one suits you best or fill in all the fields, so you will have more chances in the future.
If you decide to provide a phone number, it will need to be confirmed. You will receive a message with the code. Enter it on the appropriate page, he will be tied to the account at Yandex. If in future you change your phone number, open the passport with personal data and enter the new number. The same applies to the alternate email address box.
When there is a need to restore a mail, go to Yandex at and tap the link "Remember password" in the left part of the tab. Visit restore access specify field blank your e-mail address, enter the verification code and click "Next".
On the next page you will be offered ways to recover the password: use the answer to the security question, the message to a phone number or sending the password to the specified second mail box. Select the marker option and click "Next". Follow the onscreen instructions.
In case you remember your password but have forgotten your login to regain access is much more difficult. Talk to your friends, who might receive your emails, perhaps they have left your e-mail address. Or write to support. If you have filled out the questionnaire at registration, the staff Yandex will probably be able to find your username in the system.

Advice 2 : How to log in if denied access

Go to the website of the postal service when there is no access, in several ways. It all depends on the reasons for prohibiting access. Perhaps access is not due to the fact that the site is under technical emergency or short-term work, and it is possible that this action of the virus.
How to log in if denied access
Sometimes there is no access on the website due to the ongoing technical work. This happens not so often because one of the leading post sites Runet. Therefore if this happens, it is likely a surprise to the administration, and the problem of trying to fix it fast enough. You need to try to visit the site, at least in a few minutes and check again. Even if the Inbox does not work, then for a time probably at least write that on the website is under maintenance and after some time, the work will be restored.
It is possible that the access denied is not on the site itself, but because of the redirect. Ie malicious software has changed the route of transition on a particular website. It happens quite often, especially if it is related to accounts of the postal services, mass portals, etc. Commonly these links contain a message like "send SMS to number so-and-so, to unlock". In order to fix the problem and get access to the mail service you need to go at: System drive – Windows - System32 - Drivers – Etc. There is a "hosts" file. You need to open it using Notepad and see the contents. The file should not contain any information, except: localhost. If it contains anything else, then you need to erase. Need to see it all very carefully, right and bottom often record additional information. For more expected all the content to highlight (press ctlr + a) then delete (del key). In net file to add localhost and save. Then restart the computer.
Sometimes that cause is a different kind of virus, and blocked your box because of his activities (e.g. the mass mailing of messages of a commercial nature). To solve the problem you need to check your operating system for viruses, and an effective means of protection: Kaspersky Internet Security paid or free CureIt. After that you need to write to support a letter explaining the problem and request access to the site.

Advice 3 : What to do if forgot password to mail

Modern man is faced with too much information, so often forgotten something important and necessary, for example, the password from the mailbox. However, this does not mean that you have to accept that fact and register your new email address. To restore the password in several ways.
What to do if forgot password to mail
Visit the mail services of your e-mail. Next to the sign in form in Inbox, locate the words "Forgot password?" or "Remember password". Clicking on it will open a new page where you will be prompted to enter your username and answer your secret question. A postal service for quite some time when you create a mailbox offer each user to come up with some secret question and record the answer. Some of us take lightly to this procedure, believing that is unlikely to ever face the need to recover the password, but in such situations this information is needed. Click "Next" and in the case of a correct response, the system will prompt you to enter a new password.Often the user cannot remember the answer to secret question, in this case, the password can be restored using a mobile phone or optional email. After the wrong answer to the secret question you will be asked to enter a phone number or second e-mail address if you provided this data during registration. Then you will be sent a new password, which must be entered when logging on to the mailbox. Subsequently, using the menu item "Settings" you can change it to more convenient.Sometimes it happens that the user does not remember the answer to your secret question, phone number and additional email address if not entered or not can use them. In such a situation to recover the password more difficult, but it is, nevertheless, possible. Complete the online application form in support (usually it appears when all the previously entered information is incorrect). Specify the problem you encountered, and write as much information as possible that will prove that this e-mail really belongs to you. For example, the approximate registration date, personal data, the names of folders that you create, the email addresses of your participants. Within a few days you will receive a response.
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