Symptoms of ear trauma

The unit, in the case of injury or repeated, if the lessons of the traumatic sports, blows to the ear can cause rupture of the eardrum or acquired deformity of the outer ear and Pinna. Symptoms of stroke that caused injury to the ear may be pain and ringing in the ears, headache, hearing loss and selection of fluid or blood from ear canal.

The pain a person can feel both inside and at the point of impact. And if the blow was strong enough on the ear cartilage may develop a hematoma. As a result of such shock can be broken the cartilage of the outer ear or the bony wall of the external auditory canal, which is the cause of deformation of the outer ear.

In some cases, a strong blow may cause not only fractures of the external ear, but and tear of the ear, which requires immediate surgical intervention. Such injuries, causing deformation, cause recurring pain in the ear and even the weakening of the hearing, if the fracture of the external auditory canal led to its decline. In other cases, the consequences are only cosmetic defects, but they are about to loose, to see a doctor.

How to treat ear trauma

If the result of a blow or injury to the external surface of the ear include abrasions and bruises, they should be treated with tincture of iodine. If necessary, to prevent infection inside the ear, it is necessary to impose a sterile dressing and secure it with adhesive tape or scarves.

When there are open wounds, use anti-tetanus serum and toxoid, as well as antibiotics and sulfa drugs that prevent the development of inflammatory processes. Ease pain and accelerate the healing physiotherapy – currents ultrahigh frequency ultraviolet radiation.

Note that in case of damage to the ear drum, the pain can be strong enough, so the person needs to reassure and give any anesthetic. If observed from the ear discharge, it is impossible to insert cotton swabs or wipes in the ear canal to fluid or blood accumulation in the ear. Cleaned the passage and especially to try to flush it in any case impossible. Spotting can be symptoms of not only injuries of the ear and skull base fractures, therefore, provide the patient the utmost ease and as quickly as possible take him to the hospital to provide skilled medical care.