Rinse the ear with the gel cleanser twice a day. If you use tonic for the face, do not be lazy to wipe the ear – this will help to reduce sebum production and cleanse the pores from black dots.
Moisten a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, diluted to 50 rpm with boiled water and apply to the pimple for 10 minutes. If the inflammation is very strong, and you suffer acute pain, cover the ear with a plastic wrap and a towel. Keep the compress for about an hour. Possible burning, which will take place after the procedure.
If eel there is pain inside the ear, put drops levomicetinom. Also, dampen a cotton pad and apply to the ear for 30 minutes. The composition includes the antibiotic drops, so the inflammatory process in just a few days.
Regularly wipe the auricle antibacterial agents. To do this, use salicylic or plain alcohol, you can also use calendula tincture. Preventive treatments will help prevent re-occurrence of acne.
Use Vishnevsky ointment, if you have a strong boil. To do this, take a cotton pad, put on a little ointment and apply to the affected area. Try to fix the bandage. If you are confused by the odor of the ointment, take an aloe leaf and remove it from the skin. Secure it using adhesive tape and leave it for several hours, preferably overnight. The pus needs to come out.
Go to a dermatologist if the acne in the ear appear often and in large quantities. Remember to bring and General analysis of blood, and hormone levels. If health you have everything in order, visit the beauty parlor. Specialist can perform the cleaning of the ears, after which the acne will no longer bother you big time.