From the point of view of physiology, the undeniable fact is mediated the effect of alcohol on blood pressure.


Alcohol really has an effect on the blood vessels, changing their tone, and thus the "correct" pressure. The danger of causing further intoxication, which creates the illusion of improvement. In fact, under the influence of alcohol, the brain receives a deceptive signal of increased efficiency and sustainability of the body. Taking alcohol, people can really feel a surge of strength, to note the normalization of blood pressure, improved mood, however, such a reaction is temporary, moreover, is always compensatory. This means that after excitation, certainly there will be inhibition, characterized by headache, weakness, irritability.

Indirect impact

Different types of alcohol have different effects on blood pressure and wellbeing. So, brandy is able to raise blood pressure, but after taking 50 grams of beverage hypotensive patients usually notice the symptoms like headaches and irritability. Besides the strong alcohol quickly causes attachment, which is formed in dependency, but because the glass of the ridge before dinner is not safe.
Faster and stronger than all alcoholic beverages increases blood pressure vodka. Moreover, it is not possible to predict exactly how much this drink will increase blood pressure.

Beer, champagne and red wine also increases blood pressure. Perhaps the safest from the list is red wine, which increases the elasticity of blood vessels and accelerates blood flow. Doctors often recommend 50 grams of wine before lunch or dinner, but we are talking about wine first, natural second, nekreplenoy.

Drink should be wary, wily wine with an abundance of carbon in the composition quickly penetrates into the bloodstream and has an intoxicating effect. Besides, a headache, even after reaching the therapeutic effect is provided.

Beer is rich in estrogen, so use it to increase pressure is not recommended, it is quickly addictive.

White wine is able to reduce pressure, but only for a certain period of time. Characteristically, the effect is enhanced by making wine with walnuts or hazelnuts, and meat foods, by contrast, inhibits the activity of alcohol does not lead to the desired effect.

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