Advice 1: Can I drink alcohol under reduced pressure

It is considered that for the normalization of pressure can make the alcohol. Some people claim that the brandy is useful if there are problems with blood pressure. In fact, the use of alcohol in such diseases is not proven by science, and people with a reduced pressure alcohol generally contraindicated.
Can I drink alcohol under reduced pressure

The influence of ethanol on the human body

Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Blood pressure is lowered by ingestion of ethanol in the blood vessels. This process is called vasodilation and lowering their tone. In this reaction the blood vessels a lot faster, as there are no obstacles in her way. Thus, ethanol promotes frequent contraction of the heart muscles. This reaction leads to deterioration of the circulation to distant sites of the body (limbs). That is why the legs look a cotton. This reaction depends on the age and dose of ethanol.
For example, people with a hardy organism, this effect will be almost invisible if dosage is excessive.

Regular use of ethanol is a great release of hypertensin, which leads, conversely, to increase pressure. It is worth considering severe kidney failure. Alcohol, in any case, is not a treatment in cases of low pressure, and only expands the blood vessels. This effect is temporary. Moreover, one person after the introduction of ethanol in the blood pressure increases and the other decreases. This effect depends on the dose of alcohol, age and endurance of his body. There is no one scientifically proven study of the influence of ethanol on the increase or decrease in pressure.
Alcohol is not a treatment, but only promotes vasodilation.

Is it right to drink alcohol at low pressure?

"A glass for the appetite" - say some. People pressure increases after a glass of cognac or a glass of red wine. Sometimes people believe that small doses are consumed once a day is absolutely harmless, and even. This theory is erroneous. A small amount of alcohol before meals over time, turns into an addiction to alcohol that leads to alcohol dependence. In this case, age, experience and resistance play no role. People can consciously increase the dose of alcohol, to lift the spirits as one drink does not produce the desired effect. In another case the person is not consciously, over time, increase the dose taken alcohol a day. This is because the body gets used to the same dose, and low dose is not enough to increase the pressure. In both cases, the outcome of only one – alcoholism. In some cases, under reduced pressure, a small dose of ethanol can lead to death. People with low blood pressure should seek help from a qualified specialist, not to self-medicate alcohol.

Advice 2: What you need is under reduced pressure

Low blood pressure can bring person suffering from this symptom a lot of trouble. However, in such a situation it is not necessary to resort to medication: to improve the well-being sometimes able to eat certain foods.
What you need is under reduced pressure
Low blood pressure, also called hypotension, among physicians is considered to be not so dangerous to life and health of the patient a symptom, like high blood pressure.

Causes and consequences of low pressure

It often happens that low blood pressure in humans is not a consequence of any disease, but a feature specific to the body. In addition, often this state is characteristic of people who are regularly experiencing significant physical activity, and adolescents in the period of intensive growth. Accordingly, after the disappearance of the increased load on the body symptoms of hypotonia may disappear on their own.

However, some people low blood pressure may bring considerable anxiety. This may be the case, if it causes a range of unpleasant symptoms, such as fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, intense reaction to the changing weather and the like. In this case, you should think of how you can get rid of these difficulties.

Food under reduced pressure

It is not necessary that the only way out of this situation will be receiving appropriate medication. In some cases, solve the problem of poor health caused by low blood pressure, can eating certain foods that cause an increase in pressure. However, remember that noticeable effect in this way will only be possible in case if these foods are eaten regularly.

Thus, the ability to normalize low blood pressure have some berries and fruits such as pomegranates, black currants and sea buckthorn, as well as vegetables - onion, garlic, carrots and potatoes. Helps to normalize blood pressure regular consumption of untrimmed dairy products - curd, cheese, butter, as well as products of animal origin, e.g. eggs, red meat, liver and other offal.

A positive effect on the pressure level may have consumption of a variety of toning additives, for example, as part of the beverages - tea, coffee, herbal infusions of cinnamon, cardamom or other spices. It is also helpful to eat spicy spices - red and black peppers, turmeric and others.

Noticeable effect on the pressure level capable of providing inclusion in the diet of salted and smoked products, fat, sweets, canned foods, alcohol, foods high in starch content. However, using them in food, you should be aware that increasing the level of pressure, such food has a negative impact on the body as a whole, so it is better to give preference to the more useful ways to normalize the pressure.
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