Cognac good for your health?

If you believe the research, most scientists, people drink cognac in small doses, less subject to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In fact what happens. Drinking a small amount of spirits, felt the heat of blood flow to the head. This is the result of expansion vessels and pressure changes. Only this effect is too short, and after a fairly short period, this feeling leaves you. There is a long spasm. Of course, this strikes at people with non-flexible vessels, and about any benefits there can be no question. Pressure is likely to jump, and her heart rate skyrocket. And if we overdo the dose, the heart rate will exceed 100 beats that disrupt the metabolism and slow down feeding the heart muscle. This can mean only one thing: the greater use of cognac, the higher will rise the pressure.
For people with low blood pressure a couple of spoons of this noble drink will serve as a balm, but in any case not to use cognac, along with medications and on an empty stomach.

Medicinal properties only exist in aged cognacs of the highest quality and with at least 5 stars. It can be assumed that cognac is useful in some cases, but not for hypertensive patients. The increase in pressure followed by a sharp decline, and the vessels just will not get the healing properties.

It is permissible to drink cognac is not more than a tablespoon a day, but the medicine he can not be. In addition, people with atherosclerotic vessels strong alcohol is contraindicated. Moreover, those who have problems with the density of blood vessels, brandy just harmful, but if you suspect a heart attack you will not be a drug, a sugar cube soaked in brandy may save life.

Still can not say about the warming effect of the brandy in the cooler seasons, protection from the cold and pain relief for toothache.
Useful properties are purchased at the expense of tannins and tannin, by his stay in oak barrels for quite a long time.

Brandy relieves stress

A beneficial effect on the whole organism and the vascular system has not himself a cognac, but the company and atmosphere. Drunk a glass of this noble beverage is an antidepressant and gives emotional discharge only in good, friendly company. If you do not drink cognac with the aim of enjoyment, and want to relieve stress, benefit from it you extract. The alcohol here at anything, after all, first and foremost, the creators of cognac was hoping to get not a cure, but a product for fun.