Effect of wine on the pressure

Red wine is really able to affect blood pressure, but its impact in an indirect manner, since the intoxication vascular tone in any case is changed. Wine is able to reduce the pressure due to the expansion of blood vessels and reduce their tone, relaxing and making them soft. As a result, the blood flows freely without fighting the resistance that stabilizes the pressure, and causes its performance to normal.

Red wine contains almost all the essential body chemical compounds and amino acids that affect metabolism, development and cell regeneration.

In addition, alcohol can increase the heart rate – blood rapidly flows through the ventricles, which do not have time to put her out and the blood pressure is reduced. However, due the amount of blood stops in full flow to certain areas of the body – most often the extremities. The narrowing or expansion of blood vessels in the consumption of red wine depends on the dose of alcohol ingested, frequency and the age of the person. In other words, the higher the dose, minimalnie the effect of pressure reduction.

The expansion and contraction of blood vessels

Red wine in small amounts dilates the blood vessels, and dosed with its regular use blood vessels literally washed, getting rid of malware cholesterol. To narrow the blood vessels and improve their tone, you can use red or dry white wine dining room mineral water in the ratio 1:2.

The optimal amount of wine needed for a health effect are hundred grams of alcohol consumed during the dinner.

Also red wine contains large amounts of magnesium, necessary for heart function, iron and chromium that help the body synthesize fatty acids, zinc, and rubidium, which contains b vitamins and can rid the body of radioactive elements. In addition, red wine refreshes weakened or sick people, increases the overall tone and immune system.

The antioxidant properties of red wine, in turn, hamper the functioning and development of cancer cells, as a limiting factor in their appearance. Naturally, to achieve this effect you need to use natural and high quality, not a cheap red wine from the powder.