Brandy as a remedy for hypertension

People suffering from high blood pressure, it is recommended to drink 50 grams of cognac, based on the fact that this drink dilates blood vessels. A small amount of it lowers blood pressure, beneficially influencing the cardiovascular system.

However, the question arises why only the cognac of all the alcoholic beverages has the ability to lower the pressure? This question still remains open. Perhaps the answer lies in the composition of elite drink.

Brandy as a remedy under reduced pressure

For people with low blood pressure dosage in excess of 50 grams increases the pressure. Such effects on the body due to the fact that the pressure drop occurs only at the initial stage and with a minimal amount of alcohol.

After increasing the dosage after some time the heartbeat begins to increase, increasing the flow of blood through the arteries, which triggers a process of increasing pressure.

Brandy: effect on systolic and diastolic blood pressure

From a scientific point of view, the brandy, like any other alcoholic drink, dilates blood vessels, which ultimately leads to increased systolic pressure and low diastolic.
People with high blood pressure, consumption of cognac is strictly contraindicated, as exceeding a certain threshold can lead to strokes.

Systolic pressure (upper) is the maximum rate of arterial pressure, diastolic (lower) – minimum pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels. With age, systolic pressure increases and diastolic stabiliziruemost. According to statistics, high blood pressure affects mostly women, men also have problems with increased diastolic.

And to know exactly how cognac can act on your body, you must conduct an experiment. Measure your blood pressure before drinking "brandy medicine" and after. Thus you set for yourself, does a drink your blood pressure or, on the contrary, lowers it.
Based on the above, the most important in the consumption of cognac is a sense of proportion.

In addition, when you use be sure to stick with 3 rules on how to drink cognac:
- pour the drink in a brandy glass;
- the temperature of the cognac should be about 20 ° C;
- as snacks use real dark chocolate.