Juices with low sugar content successfully reduce high blood pressure. Most fruit acids are spazmolitikami, contributing to the expansion of blood vessels, so the rise in blood pressure can drink a glass of cherry, blueberry, cranberry or black currant juice. Likewise, there are some vegetable drinks. To reduce pressure useful of beet and tomato juice. Choosing a shop beverage, we should pay attention to specified on the package the amount of sugar. Sweet juices have the opposite effect, raising and lowering the pressure.


Some berry and herbal teas also can lower blood pressure. Add to a hot drink viburnum, chokeberry, cowberry, dogrose, a strawberry, a slice of lemon. You can also add in tea a few slices of ginger or, if the taste of this root you, cook him a drink, rubbed the thick rhizome is grated and provari slurry for fifteen minutes and then adding honey and lemon.


Will benefit the health of high blood pressure not only juices and teas, and fruit drinks. For their preparation it is recommended to use acidic fruits and berries: savory varieties of apples, grapes, blueberries, currants, chokeberry, cranberry. Brewed drink will dilate the blood vessels.

Milk and milk drinks

Skim milk and sour-milk drinks – another way to reduce the pressure at home. Try to choose foods with low fat, as hypertension is directly linked to excess weight. Quite effective and palatable tool for expansion vessels will be a Cup of yogurt with the addition of a pinch of cinnamon.


Alcohol has a dual effect on the body. In small doses, it can be medicine, but you need to be able to stop in time, because excess alcohol will damage the high blood pressure. Taking a small dose of alcohol helps the blood vessels become more elastic and expand. Important – to be able to conclude "treatment", as upon further use, the pressure can return to previous levels and even to rise. The most effective struggling with high blood pressure cognac, and also red and white wine. Therapeutic dose of brandy is fifty grams. Wine preferably be diluted with mineral water in the ratio of one to two and drink one glass.