Advice 1: What drugs can be used to normalize blood pressure 140

In today's environment, some people often suffer headaches, dizziness, low or high blood pressure, or other ailments. All these diseases are curable. Therefore, even if your blood pressure rose to 140, you can bring it back to normal.
What drugs can be used to normalize blood pressure 140

Blood pressure, causes, and signs of increasing

Blood pressure misleading, the force with which blood is compressing the walls of the arteries. The norm think the pressure is about 120/80 mm Hg.St., but the top pressure of 140 -159 mm Hg.St. already called the first "soft" stage in the development of hypertension. It says any health problems. There is a high probability of getting diseases such as stroke, heart disease, heart failure.
In this case, you must consult a specialist to recommend drugs to reduce pressure.

High blood pressure may haunt you continuously, and occur once. Such sporadic cases include drastic change of weather, heavy physical exercise, eating large amounts of fatty, spicy and salty foods, strong coffee, alcoholic beverages, the presence of stressful situations. You should pay attention to the following symptoms, speaking about the increase in blood pressure: feel dizzy and headache, noise in the ears, feel pain when moving eyes, nausea and the gag reflex, fly "flies" before the eyes, blush on the face and neck.

Medications and how normalization of blood pressure

The doctor may prescribe pills or other drugs to reduce the pressure. When isolated and minor instances of pressure it can be drugs with sedative effects: Valerian tincture and motherwort, rose hips and hawthorn, novopassit, persen and others. At sufficiently frequent increased blood pressure these may include: reserpine, verapamil, nifedipine, captopril, enalapril, routin and many others. The effect of these drugs aim to reduce blood vessel tone.

Also, in addition to medical way to normalize blood pressure, you can use some folk remedies. Grind the cranberries with the sugar – there are 2-3 l /day; mix a Cup of Linden honey, in equal parts lemon juice and beets, drink the third part of the glass 3 R/day after a meal and many others.
At their reception it is necessary to follow the instructions, because they all have contraindications and side effects. Can help Supplements and vitamins - Litovit-B, Azaleptin, cedar oil, "Vitamin balm".

For the prevention of disease should be a walk in the fresh air, eat healthy food, fruits and vegetables, stop Smoking and alcohol.

Advice 2 : How to choose tablets for the treatment of hypertension

They started one day, hypertension is not leaving then human life. Pretty harmless in its initial stages it progresses over the years, and in the long term threatens the risk of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke. The main objective of antihypertensive drugs to maintain optimal pressure, protecting blood vessels from its sharp fluctuations. The selection of these drugs is associated with a number of difficulties. This is actually an experiment for the high blood pressure lasts a lifetime.
Drugs to reduce blood pressure should choose a doctor!

Principles of selection of drugs for hypertension

Antihypertensive drugs today very much. What are the characteristics of this class of medicines? First, their impact individually so that the therapeutic effect of one drug is often unpredictable. Secondly, they all have many side effects. Thirdly, it is very important the exact dosage.

So choose the medication, reducing blood pressure, we have only empirically, by trial and error. In addition, we need to make adjustments in treatment regimens, because with age the body gets used to the drugs and they do not help.

All of this only by a professional physician. The patient, especially the elderly, are not able to understand the intricacies of classifying all of these angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, beta-blockers, calcium antagonists and angiotensin receptor...

And it is not necessary. Hypertension, as this or any other disease, it is necessary that the patient actively cooperate with the doctor. This cooperation should occur? First, in exact fulfillment of all medical prescriptions. Second, the regular independent control of pressure at home. Every hypertensive should have a blood pressure cuff and know how to use it.

You should also know the General principles of selection, acceptance and verification of the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs. Taking medications, you should always start with smaller amounts, even with 1/2 the recommended dose, especially for elderly people. And gradually increase the dosage until the expected therapeutic effect. It is possible to judge not a few days after the start of the reception, and a week or two.

If a moderate amount of medication isn't working, do not increase the dose yourself, do not take it more often, and tell your doctor. It will replace this medication or prescribe an additional drug other spectrum.

If the medication well reduces pressure, but causes severe side effects, it is also necessary to tell the doctor and ask him to make the change.

Characteristics of antihypertensive drugs

They are divided into 7 main classes, although its ability to lower blood pressure do not differ from each other dramatically. But, since patients respond differently, the plurality of medicinal options allows effectively enough to stabilize the pressure of the majority of hypertensive patients.

The most common drugs – "pily": "Captopril", "enalapril", lisinopril", etc. Is an effective medication, they are well reduce the pressure, not ucasa at the same rate. "Captopril" and is particularly effective as an ambulance when you want to quickly lower very high blood pressure. But "by-catch" has a serious drawback: in many, they cause bad cough and require replacement.

Often "prilly" replace "certname". "Valsartan", "Eprosartan", "Losartan", "Lozap", Lunesta is a whole family of similar drugs that are no stronger "by-catch", but are more expensive and rarely cause a cough.

Another class of drugs – "prolly": "Birol", "Nebiler", "Konkor", "Coronal", "egilok". Reducing pressure, they prevent the tachycardia, so they are often prescribed when hypertension is associated with angina pectoris, arrhythmia.

Another group of drugs – amlodipine options: "norvasc", "Sakur", "Lekamen". It is a good medication, but they often cause swelling of the limbs and also require cancellation. This disadvantage suffers less "es Cordy Core."

But the preparations of nifedipine considered obsolete, and many doctors have not prescribed its derivatives: "Cordipin", "Corinfar", "Kordofan", "Cordaflex". As "Clonidine" – it acts on the brain and causes drug dependence.

For maximum therapeutic effect high blood pressure is usually prescribed one or two different drug classes in combination with diuretics.

Advice 3 : What medication to lower the pressure

Hypertension recently becoming "popular". If this previously-diagnosed at the age of forty, but now it is much "younger". From high blood pressure affects people in old and relatively young age. And all anything, if hypertension would not become the reason of a "bouquet" of associated diseases, headaches, heart attack, kidney problems, stroke. Treat hypertension can and should be, the main thing – to choose the right and positively acting on your body medicine.
What medication to lower the pressure
Among the most popular drugs that help reduce and normalize blood pressure, "Aspirin", "Lozap", "Lozap+", "Nifedipine", "Captopril", "enalapril", "Enix", "Enap", "Indapamide"... Well, the list goes on and on.
Typically, all medications for hypertension belong to several groups. Among them diuretici, beta-blockers, vasodilators. Thiazide diuretics – diuretics that due to the urine quickly lower the pressure. Among such means not take "Indapamide" and a group of similar drugs. "Indapamide" lowers blood pressure, but does not change cholesterol, insulin and sugar in blood plasma, has vasodilating properties. Analogs indapamide is a medication "Arifon Retard" - original indapamide produced in France, "Indal" made in the Czech Republic (Prague) and Russian "Akripamid".
Beta blockers calm the heart, thereby reducing blood pressure. The drugs in this group include "Inderal" (Propranolol), "Atenolol", "Bisoprolol", "Succinate", "Metoprolol (vasocardin)", "Nadolol", "Level", "Carvedilol", "Nebivolol" and others.
Vasodilators reduce heart rate, which is especially important in tachycardia and increased arterial. This group includes "Verapamil", which is also known as "Isoptin", "Diltiazem" or Kardil.
Quick effect of lowering blood pressure is achieved during the reception of blockers of receptors for angiotensin (ARBS). They compared with other hypotensive means much less contraindications and high results in the treatment of hypertension even in single dose per day. BORON also called sortname, including the "Losartan", "Candesartan", "Telmisartan", "Eprosartan". Active in the treatment of hypertension used calcium channel blockers (CCB), among which the most famous "Nifedipin", "Cardizem", "Norwex", "Diltiazem", "Amlodipine" and others.
Quickly reduce the pressure and prevent the development on the background of hypertension complications kidney and heart drugs group AIPF (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors). Among these, the most frequently used "Bonnet", "Captopril", "Nifedipine", "lisinopril", "enalapril", "Enap" and others. But the downside of these drugs is that they do not act immediately, as they have a cumulative effect. That is, they should be used only in combination therapy.
Given such a variety of antihypertensive drugs, it is worth Recalling that in no case be self-medicate. If you have high blood pressure, do consult your doctor who will conduct the necessary studies, tests and find the cause of hypertension and will prescribe suitable treatment, will select the individual plan medication.
Useful advice
St. Petersburg company nnptsto (national research and production center for rejuvenation technology) to solve problems with pressure offers modern developments, among which the special place is occupied by Oligopeptide bioregulator selected for each organ. Oligopeptides act at the cellular level. The result of their application seen after a few days. So, for example, pressure, regardless of whether it was low or high, returns to normal after 5-7 days of taking the drug (Oligopeptide 5). Notable for the use of oligopeptides: according to the instructions, a few drops should be applied to forearm and rubbed into skin. Taken orally as pill does not need: oligopeptides act through the skin.

Advice 4 : When drinking pressure pills.

Pressure is one of the indicators of human health. In his youth rarely suffers from high blood pressure and with age the problems begin. And to ride above the upper boundaries may even the pressure in hypotensive, which is usually above 110 mm it was not raised. Typically, the pressure reducing pills. But how and when to drink them tell their patients not all doctors.
When drinking pressure pills.
You will need
  • tablets from high blood pressure;
  • - drugs for prevention;
  • - tincture of ginseng, Siberian ginseng and other herbs.
For starters, definitely take the pressure and not be guided by such parameters as nausea, headache, etc. to Cause these symptoms can be quite a large number of health problems. Especially today, the pressure measurement is a fairly simple procedure with blood pressure cuffs, semi-automatic and automatic machines.
Take only those medications that you prescribe doctor. Independently of such a powerful means to assign it. Because one drug works on everyone in different ways. You also need to very clearly follow the instructions for taking the drug. Otherwise, neither of which quality treatment cannot be considered.
Most often doctors default recommend patients to take pills, corrective pressure in the morning on an empty stomach. Remember, however, that recent studies of foreign doctors showed that such medicines need to be taken before bedtime. So they work much better. This happens because in this case the effect of the drugs comes at a time when the body is a strong hormone that is responsible for the crashing rhythms of the heart. During the night patients-cores increases the level of hormones that cause problems with the heart, in which the muscle expands and is damaged.
Tablets for pressure equalization only drink when the need arises. Don't take them for prevention, because you can drop your usual pressure. And sudden changes in pressure can easily cause a stroke. For prevention and treatment should choose other medicines. But only it is necessary to consult with your doctor.
Of course, be sure and adjust your menu. After all, if you eat a lot of salted, smoked and other refined foods, all the pills are only a temporary measure to ease symptoms. And the treatment must be complex.
If your blood pressure is low and thus tries to fall even more, you need to start taking drops or herbs. An excellent remedy is the tincture of ginseng, Siberian ginseng and other herbs, slightly increasing the pressure. Such infusions must be taken in courses on a daily basis, according to the instructions. In addition, you will have to rearrange your schedule to allow more time for sleep, start to eat right, walk in the fresh air, etc.
Taking pills in the traditional way: in the morning and on an empty stomach, as the doctors say, do not give patient anything except placebo effect. Therefore, try to distinguish between your day and don't forget to take the pill daily, for the duration of the course of treatment.
Useful advice
If you are prescribed several drugs at once, delimit them by time. For example, the vitamins can drink in the morning, and the main tablets in the evening. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Advice 5 : What are the drugs can reduce high blood pressure

According to who statistics found that high blood pressure (hypertension) affects one in three inhabitants of the Earth. This disease is very dangerous for the person because it greatly increases the risk of death from stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
What are the drugs can reduce high blood pressure

Top drugs for high blood pressure

One of the drugs from high blood pressure is called "Verapamil". Produced in capsules, pills, tablets or ampoules for injection. This medicine helps to reduce the tone of blood vessels. Moreover, it improves the supply of oxygen to the heart and nutrients. The effect of this means is to reduce the heart rate and blood pressure. The doctor individually for each person assigns a certain dosage means. "Verapamil" and has side effects such as allergies, vomiting, constipation, edema, dizziness and fatigue. The drug should not be taken by pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with low blood pressure.

Another effective drug to lower blood pressure – "Nifedipine". Form release agents - tablets, capsules and solutions for injection. The medicine affects blood vessel tone, reducing it improves blood flow to the tissues of the body. To reduce pressure the drug gives a good effect. Use it in the prone position. Tablet placed under the tongue.

Often people with hypertension are treated with such means, as "Captopril". The medicine is available in tablets. The drug helps to reduce the load on the heart. The advantage of the drug is that it can be applied even diabetics and newborns. Experts recommend to use the tool together with nitrates.

Also doctors often advise people with hypertension be treated such funds as "enalapril", "Losartan", "Clonidine, Methyldopa, Reserpine", "Raunatin".

Causes of high blood pressure

Blood pressure depends not only on heart rate and blood vessel diameter. Experts identify a number of factors that cause hypertension.

One of the causes of high blood pressure may be genetic predisposition. People who have relatives with hypertension, most at risk of the disease.

One of the causes of hypertension – stress. Stressful situations have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system. Increase the chances of getting hypertension if stress is accompanied by Smoking or abuse of alcohol. After a man has reached forty years of age, his chances of getting hypertension increase dramatically. Women are particularly at risk of high blood pressure after menopause.
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