Blood pressure, causes, and signs of increasing

Blood pressure misleading, the force with which blood is compressing the walls of the arteries. The norm think the pressure is about 120/80 mm Hg.St., but the top pressure of 140 -159 mm Hg.St. already called the first "soft" stage in the development of hypertension. It says any health problems. There is a high probability of getting diseases such as stroke, heart disease, heart failure.
In this case, you must consult a specialist to recommend drugs to reduce pressure.

High blood pressure may haunt you continuously, and occur once. Such sporadic cases include drastic change of weather, heavy physical exercise, eating large amounts of fatty, spicy and salty foods, strong coffee, alcoholic beverages, the presence of stressful situations. You should pay attention to the following symptoms, speaking about the increase in blood pressure: feel dizzy and headache, noise in the ears, feel pain when moving eyes, nausea and the gag reflex, fly "flies" before the eyes, blush on the face and neck.

Medications and how normalization of blood pressure

The doctor may prescribe pills or other drugs to reduce the pressure. When isolated and minor instances of pressure it can be drugs with sedative effects: Valerian tincture and motherwort, rose hips and hawthorn, novopassit, persen and others. At sufficiently frequent increased blood pressure these may include: reserpine, verapamil, nifedipine, captopril, enalapril, routin and many others. The effect of these drugs aim to reduce blood vessel tone.

Also, in addition to medical way to normalize blood pressure, you can use some folk remedies. Grind the cranberries with the sugar – there are 2-3 l /day; mix a Cup of Linden honey, in equal parts lemon juice and beets, drink the third part of the glass 3 R/day after a meal and many others.
At their reception it is necessary to follow the instructions, because they all have contraindications and side effects. Can help Supplements and vitamins - Litovit-B, Azaleptin, cedar oil, "Vitamin balm".

For the prevention of disease should be a walk in the fresh air, eat healthy food, fruits and vegetables, stop Smoking and alcohol.