What is the costume of the Papuan

The costume of the Papuan consists of:
- shirt or top;
- skirts;
- additional accessories;
the headdress;
- weapons.

Also you'll need the makeup to give a more convincing image of the savage. To give similarities with dark skin costume Papuan can be worn over tights dark color.

The upper and lower part of the costume Papuan

For t-shirts or top, it is advisable to take fabric predatory leopard, it will become to imitate animal skin. Girls can wear a bright bodice of the bathing suit, multi-coloured rags or feathers. In that case, if you want to use the suit Papuan on stage, be sure to use shiny bright cloth. If the celebration will take place in the winter for warmth should wear a fitted turtleneck sweater color beige, sew the decorative elements.

Depending on where you will be spending the holiday, there are several different ways to create a skirt Papuan. For its production you can use fabric leopard or collect bright ribbon at the waist. This costume Papuan be appropriate to look at the stage or Christmas party.

You can gather waist full skirt made of patches of green, which resemble leaves, or attach a rope true leaves/twigs and attach it to the belt-skirt. A similar suit Papuan suitable for the celebration on the street, especially near water. It is also possible for the belt to raise the skirt of feathers, or attach colored fringe. Here you will need to show your fantasy and imagination.

Headpiece, shoes, and accessories Papuan

To create the headdress of the Papuan perfect colorful feathers that hold on the head a crown. For its production you can gut boa. In addition, it is interesting to look and feathers out of cardboard, painted bright colors. Girls can tie on its head mottled handkerchief, imitating a turban, decorated with its stylized ethnic motifs brooch.

You should not do headwear too cumbersome because it would have to dance, act, jump or run. It should be tight enough to stay on the head and also not to slide on the eye.

On the neck of the Papuan must to show off multi-colored beads. You can search among mom's jewelry or make with their hands. Not be amiss to decorate with beads, headdress and clothing. Of small colored strips of fabric you can make bracelets on ankles and wrists, and then to sew these ornaments bells.

Original and effectively become a look with strings of bones hanging around his neck. They are cut from cardboard, then paint with paint of white or light gray. Two such dice, the bigger size, you can even take up to make the character threatening. Girls can weave a bone in your hair.

Real Papuan walks barefoot all year round. Let the kids at the matinee in the school garden or run barefoot it is impossible, and therefore try to decorate in an exotic style some comfortable shoes for dancing for example, ballet Slippers. But on the summer beach kids-Papuans can fully transform into their counterparts.

Guns and makeup Papuan

Weapon - a thing optional, but it is customary to portray the savage, with a spear, which he skillfully strikes the beast. If the scenario Papuan should be bloodthirsty spear is definitely not superfluous. Adorn the peak of a fringe or feathers.

Painting the body and face, Papuans create an awesome look for your hunt of wild beasts. For young children like war paint is not required. But older kids will happily start to paint themselves and their friends. Try not to overdo the use of colors, only two or three bright strokes on the forehead and cheeks.