You will need
  • - sticky tape, wide elastic band and feathers for a headdress;
  • strips of fur and beads to decorate the headdress;
  • - slacks and a shirt, or a poncho;
  • - fringe;
  • - gouache;
  • - glue for fabric;
  • - beads from salt dough;
  • - willow twigs, twine, a piece of coarse fabric for a bow, arrows and quiver.
  • For salt dough:
  • - 1 Cup of flour;
  • - 0, 5 cups salt;
  • - 125 ml of water.
Cut a piece of wide elastic for head bands, to which are attached feathers. Try and stitch the rim. Embroidered on the outer side of bandage beaded, stick to it strips the natural or artificial fur.
Take the two cut the Velcro tape of the same length as the elastic, sew one segment to the inner side of the rim. Find the perfect feathers for the headdress. If it's pigeon feathers collected on the street, they must first be soaked in warm water with detergent, well rinsed and dried.
Paint pens in bright colors or make them speckled, as the feathers of birds of prey. Attach them to the head bandage from the inner side, fasten the second segment of the Velcro tape.
Use as the basis of the suit wide-leg jeans and a long shirt with wide sleeves. To the outer seam of the jeans from the knee down and the sleeves from the elbow down sew fringe. The shirt can be replaced poncho: take an old woolen blanket, or any square piece of cloth of appropriate size and make in the centre a slit for the head, the edge and the edge processing is not necessary.
Make a necklace of "wolf teeth": mix the flour with salt, take a very cold water and add salt parts flour, vimosewa each serving. Blind "fangs", they cut a large enough hole, for example, using a knife to remove the core of apples. Place product on a baking tray and place in a cold oven, set the minimum heating and dry "teeth" for hours, then turn off the oven, leave to cool items inside, check out "teeth" on the readiness, if necessary, flip them and dry the same on the other side. Assemble the necklace by the string.
Make a bow and arrows from willow rods, arrows, sharpen and decorate the feathers with the other hand. Sew the quiver in the form of a narrow shoulder bag, decorate it with beads and strips of fur.