You will need
  • for girls:
  • - lightweight translucent fabric for the harem pants and veil;
  • more dense fabric on the upper part of the trousers and bodice;
  • - beads;
  • - beads;
  • - metallic thread for embroidery;
  • - braid with Oriental ornaments;
  • - elastic band.
  • For a boy:
  • - tight silk, woolen or cotton fabric;
  • - plain velvet or wool for waistcoat and hat;
  • a piece of velvet for the belt;
  • strips of fur;
  • - white shirt.
  • For sewing:
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - pattern pants and blouses;
  • - graph paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range.
The manufacturer of the costume start with the construction of the pattern. Choose the right pattern of the pants and translate it on the graph paper. If such patterns no strut wide trousers and circle them, removing allowances. Undercut not translate. The trousers are on elastic, so they should be wider. Look at the front and rear halves of the thighs and continue it over the side sections 4-8 on the front half. In the same way increase and the back half into 5-10 cm Connect the resulting points with a smooth line with points of intersection of the waist line and bottom line.
If the fabric is transparent, need to make a pattern top. This part can be internal, in the form of a lining or external. Circle the upper part of the pattern as you would cut short shorts and cut out the pattern. If there is suitable color tight underwear or Bicycle pants, harem pants can be sewn without lining.
For the pattern take the bodice pattern any blouse, preferably with a large cut. Put it on the graph paper and cut to the desired length. The bodice can be very short and end about 5-7 cm below the beginning of the armhole. You can make it and longer. Children's bodice is completely straight, so no undercuts do not need to think. Increase the armhole 2-3 cm from the front and back. Cut out the pattern.
Intended for trousers fabric fold in half face inward. It can be bilateral, in this case, absolutely still, as it is cut. Suitable thin nylon, gas, parachute silk. For the Christmas party will fit even the gauze in several layers, if it is painted. Circle the details, not forgetting the seam and hem the bottom and top. Because the trousers are on elastic band, it is necessary to leave the drawstring of centimeters on five. Drawstring should be at the waist and on both legs. Similarly, make some short pants from more dense tissue. The bottom can be immediately filed, bent twice at 0.3-0.5 cm.
Depending on the tissue and treat the seams. Synthetics is best cut with a soldering iron, but even in this case, the slices should be swept off, otherwise they will scratch the legs. Treat them with a serger or sewn by hand over the edge.
Sweeps parts of the front parts of the trousers and the lining, aligning the upper cut, step and side seam. Similarly sweeps details of the rear parts. The front of the lining comes into contact with the underside of the main part. If you do a short layer on top, then the front part for the back.
Align the side seams of the front and rear halves of the folded parts face each other.. Sweeps and sostrochite details, then just do the same with the second pair. Align the slices of the stepper seams, and also stitch. You got the two halves of the trousers. Left to connect them. One half turn inside out. Insert a second, inverted on the front side. Align the slices, baste and sew. Remove the trousers on the front side.
Make the top drawstring. To do this, fold upper edge twice at 2, 5 cm and astrocyte, leaving a hole for the elastic. The edges of the hole sewn. Similarly, the fold of the trousers. Insert elastic. Decorate harem pants can be embroidered, sewn beads on the bottom.
Take a break from the dense fabric of the bodice. He has only 2 parts, front and back. Fold the fabric in equity by half, align the middle of the front and back with an elbow and circle. Make allowances. At the bottom, add 3 cm ACC.
Fold the details right sides to each other, align the side and shoulder seams. Sweeps them and sostrochite. The neckline and armholes with bias binding process. Bodice can be lined with a fringe, decorate with embroidery or applique.
The veil was successfully replaced with a large, transparent scarf. You can do it from the same fabric as the trousers. Take the square and finish the edges with overlock. As belt you can use a wide silk scarf or scarf. The belt can be of the same fabric as the bodice.
Oriental costume for a boy requires significantly less hassle. Your Aladdin or Sinbad the Sailor need a white shirt, a waistcoat, trousers and hat. Harem pants sew pattern pants, slightly increasing it and removing the undercut. They can be made of fine wool, velvet or even plain cotton fabric. Manufacturer of trousers is the same as for the maiden suit, only the lining is not needed.
The pattern of the waistcoat make the patterns on the shirt. Unlike the maiden, it consists of the two parts of the front and one part of the back. Make a V-neck and slightly enlarge the openings. The vest is not fastened in, so you need to make Podkayne side. They are made on the same pattern of the front. Draw a line mid-front and front of the neck. Stepping back about 4 cm, guide to all the lines parallel.
Sostrochite and baste the side and shoulder seams. Align the right sides of the front detail and podkralas side, baste it and pristrochite. Corners cut off. Zautyuzhte seam. Similarly, sew the second side. Treat the back of the neck, sew it to bake. The bottom hem. Treat armholes with bias binding. Can the arm openings and the perimeter of the vest to sew strips of fur.
To complement the Oriental costume for the boy's cap, made of the same fabric as the vest. But you can make a turban. This will require a silk scarf. Stitch it specially is not necessary. The belt can be made of velvet. It's just a long strip, stitched twice. Fits tight and square scarf, plain silk scarf.