A sheet of paper, scissors and glue

The easiest nose of Baba Yaga can be made of heavy paper or thin cardboard. Get it not very nice and will last quite a few, but the manufacturing takes only a few minutes. In order once to wear a suit to the party, such details enough. Take the album sheet, wring it out and glue the cone. You can pre-paint the sheet in the same color, how will you make up the face. Trim the base so that the nose can fit snugly to the face. What you have got, more suitable not for Baba Yaga, for Pinocchio or Pinocchio. It's too narrow and long. Therefore, detail must be carefully crease along the length to remove the sharp tip and the workpiece is lost correct form. For a complete experience you can make warts. Roll of porous paper ball, saturate it with glue, stick to the nose. To the inner side stick the ends of the thin elastic, secure them with paper squares. The nose is ready.
Paper for the main part and the warts should not differ greatly in color.

Nose foam

To make a foam nose, you will need a pattern. Draw on paper the detail of the desired shape. Suitable thin sheet foam. Cut out its 2 details. Fold them right sides. Stitch halves on the nose, grabbing only the edge of the cuts. The part where is the tip, sew through the seam "forward needle" and slightly pull. Remove the nose. Warts are made of the same foam. It's just circles that are stitched around the edge and collected in balls. They are sewn to the primary thread. Sew the elastic. The nose can be painted with regular watercolor paint. Dissolve it in the Bank, drop back detail and hold. Gouache is not suitable, since the thus treated foam is highly painted. If you need a light brown color, lower the nose to a solution of potassium permanganate.
Thick foam rubber nose it is better to cut form. Do it best nail scissors, gradually removing small fragments.

You help out epoxy

Epoxy resin you can almost always buy at the hardware store. In the package you will find 2 banks - actually with the resin and hardener. Pour the resin into a small container. Add the flour, starch, or very fine sawdust. All this stir to make a thick homogeneous mass. It should be somewhat thicker softened clay. Add the hardener. For some time the mass becomes more liquid, it can mold. Shape the nose the desired shape. You can immediately attach a rubber band or braid, whose nose will be attached. Give your creation to harden. The nose can be painted. For this purpose suitable paint for models, which you can buy at the toy store.
In the sale now you can find epoxy clay. He is ready to work, so the process will go much faster.

Classic technology

If you have time, make the nose of Baba Yaga from papier-mache. This old technique is good for both large and small forms. The nose will be very long, it can be painted in any color, and work with paper and paste can even allergies. Shape a nose out of clay. To stick to it small pieces of newspaper or tissue paper. For the first layer to lubricate them is not necessary. Note that the layer was continuous, without gaps. The second layer do the same from the newspaper, but the pieces soak in the glue. On top glue a few layers of white paper. Give your nose to dry, then cut it, remove the clay and glue again. Walk on the surface of fine-grained sandpaper. Prime the nose with latex paint, gouache paint and cover with varnish.