It may seem that a Sari is just a piece of cloth wrapped around the female figure. By and large the way it is, but there are some nuances and details. For example, the exact size of the piece of fabric for saree is 100-115 cm by 5.5 meters (rarely 8.5). To make a Sari, you need to cut a cloth of the desired size (it is desirable to select a picture with a border) and be sure to treat the edges to prevent sloughing of the yarn.
Petticoat under a Sari is sewn like a regular bell skirt, but by 3.5-5 cm shorter than the Sari to wrapped up. The top skirt is sewn the lace to be able to tie on itself. Sew lower skirt better from a cotton fabric shade close to the color of a Sari, but still another to make the outfit look more interesting.
The other part of the Indian costume - choli. This is a sort of camisole or blouse with short, tapered sleeves. In addition, choli feature a V-neck and buttons at front (ie choli wear as a normal jacket on the clasp). Tuck on a shelf needs to be from below and from the side (from side seam). For beauty even make a small tuck from the city center, but it does not matter, because usually this part of the outfit closed. All of these Darts provide the greatest fit to the body. Choli length – approximately to the navel.