As a material for fabrication of Czech women use the leather and vinyl. Simple and clean gym shoes that are suitable for gymnastics and sports, can be made from black or white vinyl, and leather to use for the soles. You will also need gum in order to be sat tight on the baby's leg and didn't spaziali.
For the selected material to transfer the pattern of the upper part of cheshek – it consists of several parts. The first part is semi-circular elastic band which can also be used highly elastic fabric, and the remaining parts are side parts of the Shoe are then connected in the heel to the vertical bridging seam.
Separately from the tight skin will break the sole, which should match the size of the child's foot. Customize patterns to the leg, trying on them in the process of tailoring. Cutting out details for the future guys, don't forget to add a small seam. The upper cut gym shoes panel manually or on a typewriter dense piping.
First completely cutting and sostrochite upper part of the Shoe, and only then start to pretrazivati it to the sole. To the Czechs were strong, use reinforced threads. Sew the sole to the Shoe details on the reverse side, and then remove the product.
To the sole glue on the inside soft footbed. You can sew the insoles of any fabric suitable to suit child or for the holiday in which he will participate.