Advice 1: How to unlock tablet

To protect your tablet against unauthorized access, it is necessary to set a password. But if the memory has failed you, and you can't remember what code put on the device, you will be interested in information on how to unlock the tablet.
How to unlock tablet

Despite the fact that the installation methods and standard graphical passwords on tablets of different methods of unlocking for devices with the Android operating system are very similar. There are only slight differences between working with tablets of different brands.

How to unlock the tablet Prestigio, Huawei, Texet, if forgot password

If you don't remember your graphic or a standard key to access the tablet, the easiest and painless way to unlock it is to restore access through google account. To do this, enter 5 times the wrong password, and in the appeared window - data from google mail. Don't forget that you should specify in the input field of the login only the email name without

If this method failed, you can reset the password, you can using return tablet to factory settings. Devices brands Texet, Prestigio and some other sequence of actions is a little different.

Turn off your tablet. Hit the power button and hold, press increase volume. To unlock the battery, push the button, remove the sound. After a few seconds you will see on the tablet screen screensaver Android and menu restore factory settings.

Buttons of sound control, navigate to "Wipe data/factory reset>Reboot system now".

The tablet will restart and it will work again without entering a password. However, the biggest drawback of this method of recovery is the loss of all user settings and data.

How to unlock a tablet Acer

On the tablet of this brand reset happens a little differently.

That unlock the device Acer, turn it off and slide the lock screen button to the left. Hold down the power button and adding sound. When you feel the vibration, lift your finger from the power button.

Hold down the volume button, move the key lock screen up until the screen of the tablet Acer you will not see the menu Erasing Cache. Volume control hold only after the program starts formatting the tablet.

How to unlock password on the tablet Explay

On devices from the company Explay, the volume buttons no. To reset settings, turn off the tablet. Click the rightmost button on the device (back key). Continuing to keep it, click once on the power button.

When you see the screen saver Android, hit the home button, and visiteuses menu, select reset user settings.

How to unlock a Samsung tablet

The Samsung unlock simpler than most other devices through a special app. To carry out the unlock password, connect your device to your computer using the included usb cable.

Run the utility Kies, go to settings and change the password.

If you use this method it is not possible or has not brought the necessary results, use the method of resetting to factory settings. To do hard rezet for Android-the Samsung tablet, press the volume up key, home button and power. Release mouse button pressed after the menu rekoveri. To control use the buttons to control the sound and press "home".

If unlock the tablet failed method reset, contact the service center of the manufacturer of your device.


Advice 2 : How to unlock pattern on the tablet

To secure information on tablets, you can set the password. In many modern models, this is done not only through the introduction of the code, but also through gesture on any photo. If you forgot this password, then the logical question is how to unlock pattern on the tablet.
How to unlock pattern on the tablet
If you do not have a very good memory, the graphical password on the tablet with the Android operating system, it is better not to install. After all, to draw an arbitrary line between the points in the picture quite easily, but forget her just as easy. So, if your tablet is not top-secret data, and a configurable graphical key, the better pobalovets, yet this protection to disable.
To unlock the picture password tablet, you will need a lot of patience. Fast enough to regain access you can, if you remember the username and password from your google account. When after several attempts of introducing a graphic key on the screen on the Android device you will be prompted to input email and password, you will be able, by making them to use it again. However, in most cases, your google account is logged in haste, and the data from it anywhere will not be recorded. In this case, to solve the problem with the key it just won't work.
If you are unable to unlock your pattern on your tablet the previous method, the only thing that can help is a factory reset. A significant disadvantage of this method of unlocking is the loss of all data.
To reset Android device, you must hold down the power button of the tablet and press the increase or decrease of the sound at the same time and hold them a few seconds before you are prompted about resetting. In tablets of different brands button combination may vary. If you may not know how to do hard reset on your device, try both combinations or read the manual.
Confirm your desire to reset the settings. The tablet will produce a full reboot, and you will be able to start using it.
If the unlock pattern on the tablet failed yourself, try to contact the service center.
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