You will need
  • - documentation from a mobile device;
  • connection to the Internet.
If you want to go mobile device with Android operating system and it does not know the code to access it, use a smart phone and make him call on phone with locked think. Accept the challenge, select phone menu and view the data you need, which previously had no access. Please note that is required to view them, call to help, because after reset the phone is locked again and the data will be blocked again.
To unlock your phone with the Android operating system, use the Internet. Find on websites special code to unlock it, it can vary by model of mobile device, operating system version, and so on. Most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. Before you enter the unlock code always check the input language mode (numbers or letters), please also observe the correct spelling of uppercase and lowercase letters. Pay special attention to the dash and the bottom line.
If you do not find the desired information on unlocking your mobile device with the Android operating system, contact the experts at technical support, the number of which is specified in the documentation of the phone. Also for unlocking, you can apply to specialized service centers, which are located in your city.
Also try to use additional services provided by the employees of points of sales of mobile phones, perhaps they have the right information regarding your problem. Try different programs to guess passwords, however, to do so is highly undesirable. If you experience similar problems with the phone is best in the absence of appropriate skills to contact the experts, because you can make things worse.