The chances to unlock the phone, if you forget the picture password, is quite high on devices with Google's operating system Android. You can try to remember the key and enter it, what is given 5 attempts. After that, the system will prompt you to sign in to a user account on Google and use the recovery function, access the "Forgot pattern".
To log in to Google account and unlock your phone with a graphical password, you'll need Internet access. The only option is to connect to Wi-Fi. On some phones it is enough to slide down the slider to the top menu on the screen to activate a previously configured connection. Otherwise, enter through the emergency call menu command *#*#7378423#*#*, then select Service tests and WLAN, select access point and enter its password. Then you can sign in to your Google account and change your password from your phone by selecting the "Security" tab, then "two-factor authentication", then enter the password from your mail. Via the menu item "password Management" create a new password.
To unlock phone if forgot pattern, on devices running other operating systems can only use the restore factory settings function Hard Reset. In this case, the phone will delete all user data. In addition, careless use of this function may lead to a complete failure of the device, and it will have to carry in service center.
Turn off the phone. Next, simultaneously press and hold the power key, volume up and Home (center button or with the home icon). On some device models may work a combination of "power button + volume button".
Release the keys, feeling the vibration of the phone. Pressing the volume select in the service menu Wipe data/factory reset. Now follow the steps Delete all user data and Reboot system now. Once you reboot, the phone will return to factory condition and you will not have to enter the graphical password.