On smartphones and tablets with Google's operating system Android the user is given 5 attempts to enter graphical key. If they were all wrong, the easiest way to unlock your device is signed in to Google account and change the password through it. Log-in account will offer the smartphone itself after 5 incorrect attempts, or you can use menu item "Forgot pattern", which is located at the bottom of the screen.

To log in to Google account you want the phone was connected to the Internet. To enable wifi you need to go to emergency call and enter the combination *#*#7378423#*#*. Then click Service tests – WLAN, select access point and enter its password. You can now sign in to your Google account and change your password from your phone. To do this, choose the "Security" tab, then "two-step authentication", then enter the email password. Then you need to enter the "password Management applications." Here we should think of a new password, which you will need to enter in a locked device.

There is another way of unlocking the phone with a graphic key. For this you need to call this phone, to take it as a challenge, then the Home button to minimize the call window, go to the settings and remove the lock graphic. You can then end the call and start to use the phone.

If none of these options help, will have to resort to hard reset. Then the phone will reset to factory settings, will disappear all locks, but will be lost and all information stored on the device. Sometimes even a hard reset does not help, then you have to carry the phone to a service center for flashing.

In order not to suffer the question how to unlock a pattern, it is best to sketch entered a figure somewhere in Notepad, in the event of the need to remember her. Passwords only protect your personal information and contact from strangers. If the phone gets hold of the attacker, he most likely will not crack the password to access the data, and make hard reset and reset the device to factory settings.