The tradition of a funeral dinner at 9 and 40 days

Importantly, in the memorial days of praying for the deceased. You need to put the candles for the repose of the souls of the newly deceased to the beginning of the morning service to file a note with the name of the deceased in the nearest Church. Home light candles or votives. Next put the glass of water and a piece of bread. Bread later, it is better to crush the birds.

The Wake is not invited. Relatives, friends and colleagues of the deceased. The funeral held in the lunch, but if people can't come at lunch time, transferred to evening. You can choose to cook in the Wake of several dishes. If after the funeral felt significant financial difficulties on the ninth day you can prepare the pudding, pancakes, juice, to give charity, the children candy and cookies.

Memorial dinner on the fortieth day is considered the most important and binding. It is important on this day to pray for all deceased friends and relatives. Order your memorial prayer for the day. Give alms to the poor, candy and cookies to children. To invite to the funeral was not accepted, but if you expect a lot of people, and the funeral will take place outside the home, inform relatives, colleagues, friends about the time and place of the funeral lunch.

Traditional meals funeral lunch

Begin the memorial with prayer. Every visitor should taste three tablespoons Kuti. Kutia is cooked of whole grains (rice or wheat) with honey and raisins. Orthodox canons against alcohol. However, most often it is offered. It can be cognac, vodka and sweet wines, for example, Cahors.

Further snacks. It may be cold cuts, vegetables and salads from them, pickles. Always served half boiled eggs. Fish served fried or boiled with sauce, herring. Often offered liver fried or burgers. You can apply and meat salad.

The first dishes - borscht, beetroot soup or noodles in chicken broth. On second serves goulash or a roast with all the trimmings. As a garnish you can choose mashed potatoes, buckwheat. It is possible to order the pilaf. Traditionally, the funeral serves pancakes with honey. Jelly can be replaced by a compote.

When the funeral falls during lent, it is better to follow the traditions and make a menu of meatless dishes. Kutia is served unchanged, traditional, wheat or rice with honey and raisins. Choose cold appetizers of fish, fish salad, herring, sprats. Appropriate fish pies. Salad – vinaigrette, mushroom salads. Any pickles or salads of fresh vegetables.

First course – vegetable soup, bean soup, lentils, mushroom. The second can be potatoes or noodles with mushrooms, stewed potatoes with mushrooms, vegetable risotto. The prototype of meatballs will be meatballs, cabbage or carrot, potato zrazy with mushrooms. Pancakes or muffins lean lean. Kissel or compote.

Importantly, do not forget the essence of the memorial. They are held to support forces to pray for the deceased.