Popular superstitions

Since paganism is a perception that the birthday of a person comes not only friends and family, but also the souls of the dead and the spirits and other vermin. And if to celebrate in advance, they will not get to the celebration and is offended, so for the whole of next year they will do minor mischief, to interfere in the successful resolution of cases, to interfere in the work and in the home.
That is why, supposedly, and set a date for the celebration or the birthday or after to invisible guests definitely not late to the occasion. However, in some States in South-East Asia it is not customary to celebrate this important event after. Interestingly, in many countries and religions have strange customs, intended to deceive or placate evil spirits on the day of birth, for example, you can click the birthday boy on the forehead, smear nose oil.
Biological basis

It is believed that before the day of birth of the person is particularly vulnerable, it is sometimes said that at this period the angels leave him. Some scientists attribute this to the fact that the body preserves the memory of the agony of birth. After all, for a couple of weeks before childbirth expectant mother begins to experience the so-called training bout (bout John Braxton Hicks). At this time, the fetus is experiencing real physical discomfort. What can we say about the actual birth, when the baby along with the mother feels the pain, the lack of oxygen. It is believed that hidden memories about the birth and what precedes it, are a frequent cause of accidents, injuries and illnesses that have plagued man for one month before important dates.
Lady Luck

Many people do not celebrate the birthday in advance for fear that fortune will turn away. For this reason, do not celebrate prior to other events: the purchase of an apartment prior to obtaining a certificate of registration of property rights, higher education to graduation. And as soon as the date is important – what you want. Do any of the interpretations of the omens of probation, and cases are known, when desiring to change the destiny of a famous person deliberately changed the date of his birth and chose her based on your own preferences.