Problems when you turn on the tablet PC

Each plate is activated via a special button on the top, side, or back of the machine. To start the device you will need to hold the key for about 2-3 seconds, then wait for the final loading of the operating system. In some cases, the device may not respond to pressing the power button because of a malfunction.

Problems with the tablet can be divided into two groups: hardware and software. The last group breakdowns can be fixed only in the service center, and glitches in the operating system in 80% of cases can be solved by the user.


The common reason I cannot turn on my tablet it becomes fully discharged. Try to connect your device to the charger that came in the kit at purchase. Common reason for failing to launch is to use chargers from other models of tablets and mobile phones. Connect the charger to the network and wait about 10 minutes, then try starting your laptop by pressing the power button.
If the device cannot turn on, try to remove your SIM or SD card. Sometimes the cause cannot turn can become a problem in the circuit data storage media.

If the machine still fails to boot, remove the back cover (if removable) and remove the battery for a few minutes. Then install the battery back in and try again to enable the device.

Software faults

If I cannot turn the device was preceded by the installation or launching of any application, you'll need to do a factory reset or manual reset. Find on the machine the button to restart, marked with a red dot or the word Reset. Usually, this key has a very small size and can be pressed only using a toothpick or thick needle. Click using a handy object, then try again to turn on the tablet. It is possible that this operation will delete all your data and reset the device to factory. Thus, all information stored in the device will be removed.
Data stored on removable media (flash card) will remain intact.

If none of the above actions do not help, contact technical support of the manufacturer of your device or take the device to service center, where you will be able to diagnose the hardware of the tablet and to fix the damage.