Setup wifi on the tablet

To connect to a wifi network, you first need to enable the wireless connection. To do this open the settings and enable the wifi module. Settings are slightly different depending attipa the operating system installed on your tablet.

If you prefer an iPad, you should see the first screen, then go to "Settings", select "Wi-Fi" (at the top). Include "lever", you'll immediately see a list of available networks.

The tablets that have the Android platform, the operating principle is basically the same. To enable the connection module, you also have to go to "Settings" and select "Wireless connections".

After enabling the connection you will see a list of available networks. For successful connection you need only select your network. If the icon next to wifi is a pictogram of a lock, the network is protected with a password, without which connect to it will fail. If "lock" no, it means that the network is open and you can connect to freely.

There are times when you know exactly what your location is network, but automatically it is not. Here it is useful to add the network manually. To do this, select the "Other" item (in iOS) or "Add network" (in Android), then enter the network name, security settings (usually WPA/WPA2 PSK) and password.

Note additional configuration. In the iPad there is a button "Confirm connection". If you click on this, then every time you try to connect to the access point to which you have connected, your device will ask permission from you. For a home network this is awkward, but once you joined the café and more do not want, this feature would be very useful.

If you wish, the device can "forget" the network to which connected. Then when you re - connect you will have to enter the password.

Wifi connection at home

A home wifi network is very convenient and allows you to perform on your tablet the same operations as the computer of comparable speed. Using a special app to chat with friends on Vkontakte or watch videos on YouTube and can not get up from the couch.

To create a home point can be anyone who has an Internet connection. For this you need to purchase a router and configure it according to instructions.

To protect your connection, you need to register a secure password.

To one access point you can connect multiple devices: laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

Wifi connection in public areas

Away from home is also possible to use a wifi network. Now practically in all cafes and restaurants, many shops, shopping centers, museums and other places have wifi hotspots. As a rule, they are open. If you have a password, you can ask the administrators.

Please note that open networks create vulnerability for your data. In any case, do not use the Internet Bank via an open wifi network. Also, do not need connect to the Internet through an open Wi-Fi to enter on the sites, passwords, logins and other sensitive information.

With caution you should use email and social networking, being connected to the open wifi. If you often have to do this, the settings of the social networking and mail servers (where possible), you should specify that you always use a secure connection.