To set up Internet on a tablet PC, you need to go to the settings section. To connect the mobile Internet, select "wireless network setup>Mobile network." On models of different brands, even with the same operating system of Android or Windows, the section titles may differ slightly, but this slight difference should not prevent you to customize the Internet.
Click the " access Point APN ", click on it and create a new connection.
To create a new access point needs to be made on the settings your operator. They usually are attached together with the SIM card.
Let us consider an example how to configure Internet on your tablet in the MTS network. In other networks it is necessary to do the same operations, just by changing the settings to those that were provided by the network.
When creating access point for enter as user name and password to enter mts. The remaining sections are to be filled. Save your entries, close the unnecessary tabs and enjoy the new features of your tablet.
To configure the network Beeline as APN specify and in the fields login and password. Operator MegaFon APN – internet, Tele2 - in both cases, fill in the username and password.
Most models of tablets there is no connector for a SIM card or usb to connect the modem. To set up Internet on a tablet in this case, use a wireless network Wi-Fi. Typically, no parameters do not need to enter. You need to enable Wi-Fi, choose your network and enter the password.