There are different ways to connect your tablet to your computer.

Connect using USB cable

Most often, the tablets are equipped with cables mini-USB or micro-USB. With this cable the easiest way to sync the tablet with your computer.

Depending on the operating system of the tablet to exchange data between a computer via USB you may need to install additional software or drivers.

After the cable is connected, you can use a special file Manager that usually comes with tablet or can be found on the website of the manufacturer. For Windows need to install driver. For iOS you need iTunes. Android can connect using file managers and drivers, and can do without them. For this you need to activate "Debug USB" ("Settings", sub-section "For developers"), and then give the command tablet "Enable USB storage", it can be done in the window that appeared after clicking the icon, indicating that the USB connection is established.

Currently, the tablets work on Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows RT. Among these operating systems, only Android allows you to share files without installing additional software.

You can then transfer files by opening the Removable disk (this will be the contents of the tablet) from My computer. Action will be the same as when exchanging files between your computer and any external storage device.

Connect your tablet to your computer using Wi-Fi

This method will be useful for those whose tablet is not equipped with a USB connector. To connect the tablet via Wi-Fi will need to install additional software. First, you will need an app for file sharing, for example, OnAir, KiesAir or Wi-Fi File Transfer. It installs and runs on your tablet. Second, you need a ftp client. He will be responsible for the exchange of files on the computer.

For connected devices will need the ftp address, which can be seen on the tablet after you install and run the application for file sharing. In addition, you will need a user name. It will have to come up with, or just to see in the running on the tablet app. The password is not always required, it is possible not to use it.

Next you should connect your computer to the ftp server using install and run ftp client. To do this, add a new connection and enter in the appropriate fields to fill the the ftp address and user name. If you used a password, it must be entered in the field.

File sharing in this case will be through the ftp client.