You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - USB cable.
Make sure that your model of mobile device you can enable through connection with a computer. Run the query on the Internet and look for information on forums dedicated to the phones of the manufacturer.
Even if you find the necessary combination to enable your mobile device so we can carefully review the list of necessary tools for recovery. However, the use of inappropriate software is not necessary, because you can damage the device. Utilities is usually in English only, if you are unsure of the meaning of the written words, do not hold to switch the phone on so yourself.
Download you found the program and connect your phone to your home computer using the USB cable. Best of all, if you have a service manual mobile phone, however, are rarely laid out in the Internet and never go to the picking devices.
If you managed to find the manual, open it with Acrobat Reader and read about the advanced features of your phone. Please note that in some cases it is recommended to remove the SIM card from your mobile device before connecting to the computer.
In running you to computer utility select in the interface menu the command that you want to turn the phone on. Press the key combination that is used specifically for your model. Perform the necessary sequence of actions specified in the program instructions or service manual. In case this has not led to any positive results, take the phone to a service center.