When shaving?

When deciding how often to shave your legs, focus on the personal characteristics of the organism. Different women have hair on legs grow at different rates. In some women the hairs grow back in just a few days, and others, this process requires several weeks.

It is important to understand that the more you shave your legs, the faster and bigger you will grow unwanted hair. At the same time every shaving they will become tougher. So if your feet are covered with a light, almost invisible down, think about it, is there anyway to shave my legs. Such hairs it is better to touch in extreme cases, otherwise over time the fluff to turn into stiff, unruly hair.

It is not necessary to shave your legs before going to the pool or water Park. This procedure is desirable to do the day before the water treatments, because the chlorinated or salty water very quickly irritate freshly shaved skin, which leads to the formation of unpleasant red spots and burning sensation.
Some girls prefer to shave their legs against the hair growth. However, this can lead to injuries and cuts, despite the fact that this shave more effectively removes unwanted hair.

How to shave?

Before shaving, it is desirable to take a hot shower, it will steam the skin to soften the hairs, open the pores. All this will greatly facilitate the shaving process. Taking a shower, clean the skin with detergents to minimize the chance of inflammation after shave. Treat feet with a body scrub, this procedure is an excellent prevention of ingrown hairs.

After taking a shower apply to the skin of the feet mousse, foam or shaving cream. Do not use them instead of soap as it dries the skin. Wet the blade and slide it across the foot without pressure. Made to keep the razor in the direction of hair growth, that is, from top to bottom. A straight shave is imperfect, but does not cause irritation and cuts.
Be especially careful of the knee, the complex form of the foot in this area often leads to cuts.

To properly shave your legs the machine only need one touch. If the first attempt failed to remove all the hairs, just take a razor again to this area of the legs. However, it is not necessary to repeat it a third time, as it is likely to cause irritation on the skin.

After finishing shaving, rinse off the remnants of shaving, then wipe the skin. After removal of moisture from the surface of the skin, apply a moisturizer that will help prevent dehydration. If you suddenly had an inflammatory reaction or irritation, apply skin cream against redness and burning.