Select the razor

Determine what tool shave suits you best.
- Disposable razors are low cost, they are best to buy in large quantities. They can be used 5-7 times, and then their blades are dulled. The blade of these razors are quite sharp, so for people with sensitive skin, it is important to be particularly careful.
- Razor with replaceable cassette blades are more durable, however their price is much higher. Cassettes typically contain multiple blades, allowing you to shave the skin with fewer passes, which in the end saves time. There are also reusable razor that uses ordinary blades. They are not expensive to operate since the cost of blades is not high, however, have the disadvantage that the disposable razor, the blades for them are short-lived.
- Electric shavers are used, as a rule, shaving on dry skin, good for people with sensitivity to different shaving creams. In operation these razors are more expensive reusable cluster of razors, because replacement elements to them are more expensive than the cassette with the blades, though, and are much longer.


Wash the area of skin you intend to shave. This will help to get rid of excessive fat on the skin, which will significantly reduce the possibility of irritation and cuts. In addition, the wash helps to soften the hair, resulting in making shaving more comfortable. Wash only with warm water, this will soften the follicles and open the pores of the face.
Shaving after showering is a good idea. Skin and hair at this time, the maximum softened water and supple for shaving.

Apply the cream

Apply a shaving cream on wet skin, it also moisturize it and soften hair. Do not try to shave without using such a cream, otherwise the blade will stretch the skin on your face, and the shave will be extremely not comfortable. If you have no cream, use soap or conditioner. Causing the cream and let it act on your skin for 1-2 minutes.
If you shave with a razor, use a special lotion for the face.


Hold the razor correctly so that its handle is at an angle of about 30 degrees. Do not push the razor too hard, do not drive her parallel to the blades, it often leads to cuts, especially when using a new blade. Try to start shaving only in the direction of hair growth. This is especially true if you had not shaved. Shave in the direction against the hair growth causes the most skin irritation, do not use it if your skin is often covered in a rash, or just has a lot of irregularities. The hair on different areas of the face can grow in different directions. Try not to shave for several days that the hair had time to grow, and then learn as they grow, and shave in accordance with their direction. If you grew a long beard or mustache and want to shave it, trim them with scissors and only after that start to shave.
If you use an electric shaver, the issue of the direction of the hair growth does not matter. You can shave in any direction.

Wash your face and apply the cream

When you have finished shaving, rinse your face with cold water. It will help soothe the skin and reduce bleeding, if there were cuts. Do not RUB with a towel shaved skin, it may cause irritation. If you suffer from dry skin, apply a moisturizer. Do not use antipersperant, deodorants and lotions, they can also cause irritation.