To prepare the skin for shaving. The ideal time to shave your legs immediately after a shower or bath because the skin soft, the hairs stick out, therefore you will be less to injure the skin.
Apply the shaving cream. Wait a couple of minutes to achieve an even stronger moisture. Please note that it is better to take such remedies that contain aloe or other component, moisturizing and soothing the skin. Forget about the soap! It is very dry skin, which is injured while shaving. Better to splurge and buy once more the packaging of a suitable tool, for its beauty and health can not save.
Start the process of shaving. If you have very sensitive skin, it is better to shave in the direction of hair growth, i.e. from top to bottom. Yes, it will not give the effect as if you shaved against the hair growth, but will cause significantly less injury to the skin.
After shaving, apply on the skin special lotion after shaving. Not worth it to replace the hand cream, this will not give the desired effect. Moreover, in the composition of lotions and creams after shaving tools included that help to disinfect and heal cuts and small wounds that can take place.