Advice 1: How to shave your legs with a machine

Modern girl must look perfect. Smooth skin is one of the signs of perfection. If you prefer to shave my legs with a machine, you should consider some important points.
Shaving legs

How to choose the machine

When choosing a machine, it is better to focus on the female models. They differ from the male not only design, but also the degree of mobility of the head. This feature allows the razor to glide easily over the skin without the risk of it scratching. The number of blades on the quality of the shave will not be affected, but the sharpness is a key success factor. While he shaved with a blunt razor, you injure the skin.

Besides standard machines with blades, the girls offers a many models of electric shavers. Some are suitable for shaving dry skin, while others are designed for wet shaving and are used together with warm water and various cosmetics.

To shave it you better decide. And machines, and electric shavers have their advantages and disadvantages.
To make a choice between machine and razor you can just try two options.

The legs were smooth, the women need to shave quite often. During this process, you can cut yourself and cause ingrown dots-hairs and skin irritation. To avoid these complications is very easy, once you follow a few rules.

How to shave the skin on nahdah

Before you proceed, take a hot shower. Your skin will be steamed, the hairs will soften and the pores will be revealed – subsequent shaving will be much easier.

To shaving legs passed most effectively treat their skin scrub. This tool will allow you to remove the obsolete cells of the epidermis. So, you will protect yourself from dirt in the hair follicles during shaving.

To accelerate and simplify the process of shaving will allow the use of a special cream, foam or mousse. You can either use a female version of gel, or male. After all, many girls like men's fragrances.

While shaving do not press the blade hard, otherwise you can damage the skin. The razor should be carried out to the direction of hair growth – from top to bottom. If you prefer to shave their legs against the hair growth, do not blade on the same place more than once.
If after shaving, the skin appeared irritated, anoint the problem areas with hydrocortisone cream. It effectively relieves burning and redness.

The blade of the machine is not clogged, rinse it as often as possible. After shaving, be sure to thoroughly rinse the machine.
After shaving the remains of the foam or cream to wash off with water, and then well wipe the skin. Then apply a foot moisturizer to protect the skin from dehydration.

Advice 2 : Should men shave their legs

Modern trends dictate left on the body as little as possible of the hair. Many women remove all unwanted vegetation on the body, but men are still hesitant to do it.
Should men shave their legs


The image of the well-groomed man surrounded by a mass of prejudice. It can be called a metrosexual, be suspected of sexual orientation and even selling her body. Many men hesitate to use it's skin cosmetics: moisturize becoming weather-beaten lips balm to lubricate chapped hands, believing that their bathroom shelf needs to be only soap, foam shavingI toothpaste. Manicures, visits to beauticians and Spa wraps and is able to cause superstitious dread. The belief that a man should be just a little nicer monkey, still quite common.

What men shave their legs?

Despite not being too great popularity of this procedure, some men still shave my legs. Usually it is done by those gentlemen, the legs of which are in full view of the crowd in our profession. This may be swimmers, strippers, tennis players, cyclists, bodybuilders and other men who have to constantly flaunt in shorts or swimming trunks.

So to shave or not to shave?

With the onset of heat more and more men are beginning to wonder, not whether to shave their legs. Some young people the nature has endowed generous thickets that look like another pants, and retain heat well, which in the heat is not too pleasant. Speedos or shorts similar vegetation looks unappealing, and the desire to be naked are often eliminated. If you are confused thick black hair on his legs to such an extent that you hesitate to undress, get on with their systems. Razor and shaving gel will quickly relieve you of problems.

And what will girls think?

The beautiful half of humanity variously refers to clean-shaven men's legs, and opinions can be totally opposite: some women believe that the young man must not fall behind them in terms of removing excess vegetation, others want to see "natural" male. Don't want to risk it – ask your girl how she felt. Increased hair on the body depends on the amount of testosterone – the hormone that makes men masculine, but if you managed to establish itself as a strong man and a skilled lover, it is unlikely that the lack of hair on the feet will ruin the opinion about you. In any case, the legs belong to you and only you to decide how they should look.

Advice 3 : How best to shave your legs

With a quick and painless way to get rid of excess vegetation on the leg - shaving. To the procedure went perfectly, choose a good razor and gel, prepare the skin and take your time. So you will be able to avoid the unpleasant consequences of shaving - possible cuts, irritation and ingrown hairs.
How best to shave your legs

What you need for shaving

For gentle hair removal will need a good razor. You can use the razors with replaceable cartridges or select disposable option. Keep blades sharp, this will remove the hair quickly and avoid skin irritation. The best option - modern machines with three or even five blades in one movement removes all unwanted hairs. Do not shave legs dull blades. Change tapes after a few procedures, and do not wipe blades after shaving - they need only to be rinsed off.

Purchase foam or gel for shaving. No matter whether it is special products for women or for men. Some girls think that men's cosmetics shaving more gentle to the skin because it is designed for the face. Try means with the addition of aloe and vitamin E that help protect the skin from irritation.

The purse can be recharged with a soothing after shave balm. Suit and creams that slow down hair growth. They relieve irritation and allow you to shave your legs less often. For disinfection of accidental wounds keep hydrogen peroxide or krovoostanavlivayuschee pencil.

The subtleties of shaving

After shaving the hairs are not ingrown into the skin well treat lower leg rigid sponge and scrub. Use the scrub on the basis of polymer particles of sugar or salt can injure the skin and cause irritation. Apply on feet foam or shaving gel. If you have neither one nor the other, use hair conditioner - razor will glide easily, and the hair removed gently.

Start shaving from the ankles, gradually moving to her knees. Shave against the hair growth, short sliding movements. Proceed with caution especially near the joints - it is particularly frequent cuts. If this happens, stop the blood with hydrogen peroxide.

Treating the front of the shins, walk a razor on the calf area. Pay attention and single hairs on the feet and toes. Constantly rinse the hairs from the blades and from time to time apply small amounts of gel or foam.

When you are finished, thoroughly rinse your feet and Pat them with a soft towel. Do not RUB the skin so as not to cause her irritation. For dry feet apply a moisturizing balm or a tool that slows hair growth. Immediately after shaving do not use a bronzer and apply to the skin alcohol-containing liquid.

Advice 4 : How to shave your legs

Beautiful slender female legs is a powerful weapon in seducing men. But natural beauty is not enough, the skin needs regular care: exfoliate, nourish, moisturize and, of course, to get rid of excess hair.
How to shave your legs

Skin preparation

Shaving is the most popular form of hair removal. It saves time, money and also quite painless. In addition to the advantages of shaving has its drawbacks: cuts, ingrown hair, skin irritation. However, all this can be avoided.

Good place to start is to moisten the feet with a body scrub. This is necessary in order to remove the dead skin particles and make the legs more smooth. Best to use scrub in the shower. So you additionally to steam the skin, making it supple and the hairs are soft.

In the next step, apply to feet remedy shaving. It can be in the form of gel, foam or mousse. Try not to use soap as it dries the skin. If you do not have special funds for women, men's use or replace it with a soft gel.


To shave my legs only need the direction of hair growth. Neglect of this rule – the main cause of ingrown hairs. Use sharp blades that shave completely the first time. Well, if they have a cooling pad or strip with a moisturizer. Re-conduct the razor on the same area can lead to injury and skin irritation.

Don't press too hard on the machine, the movement should be light and smooth. As clogging of the razor, rinse it under warm running water. After the procedure rinse the remaining medium and carefully rinse the razor.

Skin care

Leather after shave very sensitive, so apply moisturizer directly to damp feet. Pat dry with a soft towel and apply cream or lotion after shaving. You can also use a lotion or mousse for the body. Try to choose products that contain panthenol. This product effectively and quickly soothes irritated skin, relieves redness, burning sensation and itching.

Remember, the more you shave your legs, the faster will grow new hair, so think twice before making a second procedure the next day.

It is not necessary to remove the excess hairs directly in front of the swimming pool, water Park, Solarium or beach. Chlorinated water and strong UV radiation can lead to further skin irritation: reddening and burning sensation. For this reason, it is impossible to apply bronzer on freshly shaved skin. It is best to wax the day before the planned event.
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