You will need
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - machine for cutting hair;
  • - razors 3-4 pieces;
  • - foam or shaving gel;
  • - means for skin care after shaving;
  • - mirror 2 pieces.
If you have quite long hair, pre-trim them with scissors as short as possible.
Put the machine nozzle for a hairstyle "under a zero", and cut hair all over the head. If you cut yourself, it is more convenient to use the trimmer on the battery. This gives more freedom of movement in front of the mirror.
Wet your head with warm water and apply a thick layer of foam. So how will you shave slowly apply the foam parts.
Wait two minutes and start shaving with a razor blade. You first need to remove the soft hair that grows on the temples, above the ears and on the tanks. Try to shave the hair moving in the same direction.
If you have sensitive skin, and scalp is the same. In this case try to guide the razor blade for hair growth. Of course, the result will be worse than if you'd had my head shaved against the hair growth, but skin is much less irritated.
If you have thick skin, not prone to irritation, it is safe to drive the blade against the direction of hair growth to achieve the ideal result.
Start to shave the nape of the neck. The back of her hair is more dense, so hold the shaving cream a little longer so they have time to soften. Keep free hand behind the razor, to ensure that left nesbeth hair. Then shave the top the same way.
Carefully inspect yourself with two mirrors and make sure that all clean-shaven. Don't be lazy and look yourself.
Rinse your head with hot and then with cold water. Due to this the pores will close and there will be less irritation. Wipe your face dry.
Apply on the scalp cream after shave for sensitive skin.