When selecting a gel, foam or balm, shaving is necessary to consider the skin type of the person. For sensitive, prone to inflammation and acne the skin best suited gel. Its clear texture allows you to see all the flaws, so to touch a razor pimple will be more difficult. Foam also helps to speed up the shaving process, the machine will be easier to glide over the skin.
After applying the gel or foam you will need to wait a couple of minutes to soak in and slightly softened stubble.

The pros and cons of gel and foam shaving

The main difference between shaving foam and gel will be, of course, the structure of the funds. Foam similar to the air mass to squeeze it from the bottle, shake it and press the dispenser. Shaving gel should be applied exclusively to wet skin because of its viscous substance. Similar to jelly tool must be distributed evenly. While the foam does not need whipping and to achieve a neat application, so you can shave with it comfortably even when you are in a hurry.

Foam is not as economical as the gel, the latest product of more concentrated. Therefore, the vials with the gel will be the best choice for those who are forced to shave often. To use the gel for oily skin, because in its composition a little oil. Like the foam, colored or transparent gel when applied to slightly foam.

Foam is not well suited for dry skin because it evaporates quickly from the surface, consequently, the risk to injure the skin above. And gel, and foam leave a pleasant aroma.

How to choose shaving product

Gels and foams for shaving different brands fulfill an important function – degreasing the surface of the hair before removal. So if you are used to one tool and it suits you in all respects, do not succumb to the marketing trick of the cosmetic companies and change the gel to foam or Vice versa. It is important that the means for skin care provided comfort during removal of the bristles.
For disinfection of the skin during shaving, you can choose foam or gel with antibacterial characteristics.

By using shaving you can cope with the irritation of the skin or to eliminate small cuts. In this case, you need to choose gel or foam compounds of silicone. Products such faster heal wounds, as well as the composition will allow the machine without problems glide over the skin.