You will need
  • - razor;
  • - foam or shaving gel;
  • - lotion before and after shaving.
Pick the right machine. For the first time may come a disposable razor, which is able to cope with facial hair is medium hard and clean enough to shave the skin. It is best to purchase reusable razor with replaceable blades, however, is a more costly option. One blade can last for a period of more than a month of shaving 3-4 times a week.
Before the procedure thoroughly wash and steam the face to soften the beard and prepare the skin. You can buy a special tool to shave that moisturizes the skin and prepares the face to contact with the blade.
Squeeze a small amount of foam or shaving gel on your palm and apply it evenly smooth circular movements on the face – chin, cheeks and neck. For a more even application you can use a special brush.
Bring the razor to my face and swipe the machine from the cheeks to the jawline, top to bottom, in the direction of hair growth. Much pressure on the machine is not worth it. Perform fluid, confident motion and find the optimal pressure on the razor.
Guide a razor under his chin in the direction of the neck. You should be especially careful to shave this area – the skin here is especially soft and easy to damage. To avoid cuts, you need to wash the blade of the machine after each movement under the stream of warm water.
After shaving all areas of the skin wash with cool water. Pat dry and apply lotion or after shave cream that will hydrate and soothe the skin.