Waxing leg hair, its advantages and disadvantages

The easiest and most painless way of getting rid of unwanted hair on the legs waxing. It involves only the removal of the upper part of the hair protruding above the skin. Based on the fact that the hair follicles remain intact, the effect of such treatments remains long.

The huge popularity of this method of hair removal, like shaving hair with a razor. It is absolutely painless, but very inefficient. The next day after shaving the hair starts to grow back.

Shaving is undesirable because each time the hair will become darker and thicker. In addition, you may experience such problem as ingrown hairs.

Depilatory creams allow you to achieve a long-term effect. As a rule, after chemical depilation legs to stay smooth for weeks. The disadvantages of this method include odor creams, and also the fact that they are quite aggressive effect on the skin. These funds cannot be applied to the damaged areas of the feet.

Chemical depilation can be carried out at home. For this you need to apply to the skin depilatory cream and wash it off after 5-10 minutes. It is important to follow all manufacturer's recommendations regarding exposure time of the cream on the skin. If not washed off in time, you can get a light chemical burn.

Hair removal using epilation

Hair removal is the process of removing hair along with the follicles. Following similar procedures legs stay smooth for several weeks. At home you can spend waxing. The procedure is quite painful, but the effect exceeds all expectations. In this case, after each hair removal they will become thinner and lighter. It is possible that after some time, the need for treatments will appear less and less.

In order to remove hair with wax, apply the melted cosmetic product on the skin a thin layer to cover special woven stripe and sharply pulling it against the direction of hair growth. After the treatment your legs need to apply to the skin moisturizer.

To do the hair quality also using the epilator. The device is quite expensive, but it can be long, is not buying any further supplies.

In the salon you can do laser hair removal. Under the influence of laser lights the hair follicles are destroyed, hair won't grow.