Advice 1: What if in the heart there was a feeling of gravity

A feeling of heaviness in the heart area could be a precursor to diseases of the cardiovascular or nervous system, the result of vascular dystonia, ulcers of the stomach or lung disease.
What if in the heart there was a feeling of gravity

How to eliminate heaviness in the heart

To eliminate the heaviness in the heart region, you need to find out the cause that has provoked the emergence of heaviness or pain. The correct diagnosis can only experienced doctor on the basis of the results of the survey.

If you feel heaviness in the heart area, try to consult a doctor at the earliest opportunity. You will be assigned ECG, ultrasound, if necessary, take x-rays of the spine and thorax.

When a sharp pain in the heart area and the feeling of heaviness that spreads to your left arm, call medical emergency. A precursor to a myocardial infarction serve exactly these symptoms.

When myocardial ischemia, a feeling of heaviness in the region of the heart occurs after overeating, strenuous exercise, stress. If the disease was diagnosed and you are taking pharmaceutical medications prescribed by your doctor, you may need to adjust their dose. In any case, you need to reconsider the lifestyle and change the food diet easier.

A feeling of heaviness in the heart area and is accompanied by prolapse of the mitral valve. Pain and heaviness can not be removed with the help of nitroglycerine. When you see these symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

Dystonia is an insidious disease that manifests a variety of symptoms. Including, a person may be systematic pain and feeling of heaviness in the heart area. This can be cured, but you should expect that therapy will take dozens of years, and with its termination all symptoms are back with a new force.

Stomach ulcers, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pathology of the lungs – these diseases can be accompanied by numerous symptoms. Often patients complain about heaviness in the heart area. To eliminate the symptom to cure the underlying disease.

To what doctor to address with weight in heart

As the heaviness in the heart area – a symptom of many diseases, contact your physician. Based on your complaints, the doctor will prescribe a referral to a specialist narrow profile.

Do not self-medicate. Pain and heaviness in the heart area – reason enough to undergo a full medical examination to identify the cause and start appropriate treatment prescribed by your doctor. Remember to delay the visit to a specialist is quite dangerous. Often even a few hours delay can become fatal.

Advice 2: How to get rid of heaviness in the stomach

Heaviness in the stomach after eating can be due to the simple overeating, so be a signal of diseases of the digestive system. To remove unpleasant sensations helps a special medication is simple diet and physical activity.
How to get rid of heaviness in the stomach
You will need
  • medicinal products;
  • - Lactobacillus;
  • - dairy products;
  • the herb St. John's wort, yarrow and calendula.
Take a drug that improves digestion. For Example, "Mezim", "Festal", "Pancreatin", "Holenzim". In some cases helps "Allohol", "Karsil", but it is provided that the liver cannot cope with the load (you will feel not only heaviness in the abdomen, but the pain in his right side). Method of application check with your doctor or the instructions that came with the drug.
Consume lactobacilli. Heaviness in the stomach may be associated with dysbiosis. Also help to ease the digestion of dairy products. Daily drink 500 ml of kefir or yogurt. After a few weeks you will notice that digestion is normalized.
Mix the herb St. John's wort, yarrow and calendula flowers in equal proportions. Steep 2 tablespoons of raw materials in a glass of boiling water. Leave for 30 minutes. Take 30 minutes before meals with 50 ml of broth. Course of treatment 2-3 weeks. This herbal improves digestion in no time.
Avoid eating too much. Refrain from eating heavy foods containing high amounts of fat. Do not eat too much of smoked meat, sweet and starchy products. Stick to a balanced diet.
Try to move more. Walk, run or exercise. Do not put the gym or in the pool. If you spend less calories than you get, you will not only start to arrive the extra weight, but will be a strong heaviness in the stomach.
Refrain from drinking alcohol, especially avoid intake of alcoholic beverages. They damage the gastric mucosa, leading to gastritis or ulcer, respectively about the normal digestion cannot be considered.
Refer to a gastroenterologist if nothing brings relief. After the survey, you will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Do not delay with the visit to the doctor, as any deviation can lead to serious diseases, up to cancer of the stomach.

Advice 3: How to get rid of heaviness in the lungs

Easily, is a very important person, he provides the breath. And breath means life. Therefore, for the lung health must be carefully monitored.
How to get rid of heaviness in the lungs
Lung disease is very difficult to diagnose, as even very strong changes may not cause any symptoms.

What causes heaviness while breathing

Heaviness in chest, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath can be caused by the common cold, and serious lung diseases. Colds these symptoms may be caused by accumulation of phlegm in the bronchi and obstruction of its discharge. As a cold does not exclude inflammatory processes of the respiratory system. More advanced pathological changes of the lungs is obstructive bronchitis or bronchial asthma. Also, we cannot exclude an allergic rhinitis which can be caused by various allergens (dust, food, bloom and so on).

How to find out the exact cause

Of course, you do not understand what is happening with light and why. The only thing that can indicate lung disease is that the exhale was given heavier and protegee than inhale and exhale can sometimes cause wheezing. When such symptoms an urgent need to contact the doctor and undergo a series of examinations. A doctor who deals with problems of the lungs – pulmonologist.

Some of the research and analyses necessary

To constantly monitor the condition of the lungs, must annually pass fluorographic research. Also the main indicator of lung function is VC (vital capacity), which is determined with the help of spirography. If you suspect an allergic nature of the problem, you need to consult an allergist, who will prescribe allergiesthe to certain allergens.

How to deal with such symptoms

If breathing is very difficult, you can try antihistamines (suprastin, claritin, etc.). With the stagnation of phlegm expectorant use different syrups or tablets (syrup of plantain, licorice, Bromhexine and many others). A more serious medications prescribed by your doctor after establishing the cause. In bronchial asthma used corticosteroids, hormonal drugs, which are potent anti-edematous and healing drugs, their use can lead to serious consequences.

Timely clinical examination and monitoring of lung will help to prevent unwanted development of diseases of different nature.

Advice 4: What to do when the pain in the heart

Pain in the heart cause fear, desire as quickly as possible to find out the cause of their appearance and eliminate discomfort. If you feel discomfort in the chest should immediately go to a cardiologist and get tested. But you need to know and how to act, if the pain appeared suddenly, and to medical care quickly is not possible.
What to do when the pain in the heart
Discomfort in the heart area is a symptom of the emergence and development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The nature of pain can be identify the disease and try to alleviate their condition before seeking medical attention.

How to get rid of pain in your heart?

The pain of the heart can be disturbed in myocarditis, myocardial ischemia, pericarditis, acute myocardial infarction, mitral valve prolapse and other heart diseases. Unpleasant sensations are of a different nature: crushing, stabbing, sharp, aching, burning or dull.

To relieve pain, you need to calm down and take a comfortable position. Doctors advise to provide access to fresh air, loosen tight clothing and adopt a comfortable sitting position. If cardiac pain appeared after nervous tension, you need to take Valerian.

To get rid of an attack of angina you can use the fresh air and Nitroglycerin. If the pain caused high blood pressure, it is necessary to normalize the state with the help of special drugs, for example, "Corinfar". Help during an attack can have "Sorbitol", "Sustac Forte", "Dithranol", "Arenit" but these drugs only after 10 minutes after ingestion.

Pain in myocardial infarction

Sharp, burning pain in the heart area – one of the symptoms of myocardial infarction. In this case, you need to urgently call an ambulance and while she goes, to try to alleviate the condition of the sick person: to put him and put my feet in hot water, under the tongue put "Validol" and provide complete rest. You can also use "Nitroglycerine", "korvalola" and "Valocordin".

What to do if cardiac pain first appeared?

If the pain first appeared, you don't know the cause and medicines that need to be taken, consider the following sequence of actions. First, don't panic, nervous tension may aggravate the situation. Secondly, just open your Cabinet and find one of the products: "sage", "Valokordin", "Validol". During a heart attack helps aspirin and analgin. Medicated sit down and relax. If the condition is not improving, you need to call an ambulance or immediately go to a cardiologist.

Heart pain in any case can not be tolerated, or to self-medicate. If they are unbearable and burning, urgent need to call an ambulance. Heart attack is a symptom of a serious disease of the cardiovascular system, which needs to be diagnosed and treated under the supervision of a specialist.
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