You will need
  • - nitroglycerin in pills;
  • - nitroglycerin spray;
  • - chair;
  • - fresh air;
  • - cold water.
In turn, the pain in my heart (or what one takes for heart pain), can cause other diseases. About forty diseases can cause pain in the chest. How to distinguish from cardiac pain? If it happens angina, a feeling of compression in the chest and this feeling every 5-10 minutes. In this case, it is necessary to call and to call an ambulance. Do not have to wait because, perhaps developing a heart attack.
The man, who can be angina should always carry nitroglycerin in pill form, and even better – in the form of a spray. When using nitrospray need to click once. Enough to cure the inside of the nose mouth. After 15-30 seconds, the pain should go if this pain really is associated with impaired blood supply to the heart. Again, you can still splash after 3-5 minutes. But if the pain persists, do not pull, call an ambulance.
As for the pain associated with cardiac arrhythmias, there are some types of violations, which can be removed by pressure on the eyeballs or straining. But this is only possible during ventricular tachycardia.
If there are failures of rhythm and the pain in the heart during supraventricular tachycardia, you can apply the following technique self-help: hold your nose hand, two fingers, inflate the chest, through the mouth to take a deep breath, then tightly cover the nose and mouth and like "exhale". Do not exhale through the nose not through the mouth, and thus inflating his chest. Thus the reflex to stop the arrhythmia. This so-called test sample of Valsalva. Most often it gives the effect of frequent palpitations, which occur suddenly and suddenly pass. This reflex help that makes sense to master for people suffering from tachycardia and intermittent.
If the pain in the heart accompanied by shortness of breath while walking or climbing stairs, you first need to stop. Do not force the ladder – it is necessary to sit, to breathe. To unbutton the collar, to open the window. But drastically you can't stop. You have to slowly drop the temp. And always, when in trouble somewhere arise in the heart, you must first slow down and then stop. On the background of the sudden stop may attack and even heart attack.