Causes sensations of heart

Sensations of heart failure is often diagnosed in 60-70% of patients, often these people are otherwise quite healthy. Along with these sensations there are also pain in the heart area, various vegetative and neurological symptoms: pallor, anxiety, a sense of fear, feeling of shortness of breath, sweating. Premature beats may appear on the background of complete health when Smoking, stress, alcohol, coffee or strong tea, in this case it is a functional one. Sometimes the sensation of cardiac arrest occur after a strong physical exertion, when psycho-emotional and vegetative disorders.

If the extrasystole occurs on the background of heart disease (ischemic heart disease, myocarditis, valvular), in this case, it is pathological. The diagnosis of arrhythmia is an internist or cardiologist based on patient complaints, available knowledge on cardiac diseases. The patient should undergo electrocardiography. If the ECG does not confirm the pathology, it is necessary to conduct daily ECG monitoring.
Adverse effect on the heart muscle can have an allergic reaction, thyrotoxicosis, intoxication with infections, poisoning.

How to cure sensations of a cardiac arrest

If the feeling of heart manifested for the first time, you need to drink "Valocordin or Korvalol" in the amount of 30-50 drops, to take a comfortable position. If possible, you should lie down. Clothes impeding breathing, it is necessary to remove or unfasten. If the attack does not stop, you need to go to the doctor, as premature beats can be a symptom of serious heart disease. Treatment of arrhythmia depends on the reasons for its occurrence, severity and form of the disease. If a rhythm has no obvious symptoms, are not particularly worried, does not reduce efficiency, do not treat it you need. For patients who have these feelings interfere, recommended sedatives, antidepressants in doses matched physician. Under the influence of these drugs premature beats disappear or the patient will not feel.
When feelings of heart are advised to avoid heavy physical exertion, abrupt bends and torso twists.

Food must be fractional and frequent, you need to avoid overeating before bedtime, as it filled the stomach may provoke an attack. From the diet to exclude soft drinks, foods that cause constipation, flatulence. With arrhythmia need to monitor the level of potassium ions in blood at low concentrations even the most powerful antiarrhythmic drugs may not produce the desired effect. You should regularly eat dried fruits (raisins, apricots, prunes), vegetables and fruits. Will help and a doctor selected medications containing potassium.