Drugs pain in heart

If you are concerned about a nagging pain in the heart, take 20-30 drops of Valocordin, Corvalol" or "Valocordin". Usually the improvement comes in half an hour if the drug was consumed on an empty stomach. Preferably after it's little rest, ideally sleep. To get involved in the drops are not worth it, because they have a negative effect on the stomach, and uncontrolled reception are addictive.

Reduce some of the pain in your heart will help old-fashioned Sedative. Associte one tablet under the tongue or in the cheek rest. Keep in mind that if you have a serious disease, the drug is unlikely to help.

A decoction of Valerian will help to eliminate aching pain if it is caused by nervous excitement. Per Cup of boiling water add a teaspoon of herb, steep for 30 minutes. If you wish, you can add a little honey and drink the decoction.

When aching pain in the heart due to excess pressure, you need to either call an ambulance or to take the drug on their own. As a rule, 0.5 tablets "Capoten" or "Captopril" is enough to improve health. Pre-measure the pressure. Take drugs if normal blood pressure is forbidden and dangerous for life.

To drink more serious drugs, such as Nitroglycerin only if you gave advice to the attending physician. The drug can lubricate the symptoms of a heart attack that may threaten death.

If the pain in the heart area persists even after taking drugs, remaining more than one day, you might consider a visit to the neurologist. Very often a prolonged pain in the area of the chest is banal neuralgia, to treat which need not cardiac drugs.

The risk of cardiovascular disease

In Russia the death rate from cardiovascular diseases has been at a high level, which is caused by the reluctance of patients to visit doctors. If you do not want to prematurely withdraw from life, be sure to visit the cardiologist. Only an experienced doctor can assign an adequate therapy, not drugs to mask or temporarily eliminate the pain in the heart.

The pain in the heart that did not arise out of a background of serious disorder or during the conflict, as a rule, indicates a serious health problem. Be careful to prevent heart attack and stroke. Do not delay your visit to the hospital or call an ambulance, hoping for speedy relief in self-medication.