Origin of pain in the heart are divided into two groups. Anginal pain occur at different stages of coronary heart disease. They usually appear in disorders of blood flow that occurs during exercise or stress. The nature of this pain pressing, burning, squeezing, felt behind the breastbone and radiates to the left shoulder, under the shoulder blade and lower jaw. May be accompanied by shortness of breath. Very quickly after taking Nitroglycerin and staying at rest.

The second group of cardiac pain include cardialgia. They occur in rheumatic lesions of the heart, inflammatory disease of the outer shell and myocarditis. Characterized by aching pain, occurring to the left of the sternum aggravated by coughing and breathing. After taking Nitroglycerin and they do not pass, and only weaken. In such cases prescribe pain medications.

Types of pain

Stabbing pain in the heart region typical for dystonia, disorders of the nervous activities and nervous tone. They are caused by the release of adrenaline as a result of stress or emotional outbursts. In this case, it is recommended to either calm down, or, conversely, to engage in physical activity.

Aching pain may indicate inflammation of the heart muscle – myocarditis resulting from tonsillitis and fever.

Tightness is a symptom of angina. If this diagnosis is known to the patient, it is necessary to put a tablet of Nitroglycerin under the tongue and breathe in the fresh air. If the pain persists, it is necessary not to suffer, and to call an ambulance to increase the chances of recovery.

Action when the pain in the heart

Prolonged pain of various types – a reason to go to the doctor for statement of correct diagnosis and treatment. It is not necessary to stand her and let the disease fester.

In the case when the person is already known the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to perform the standard steps for removal of attacks. In angina it is necessary to provide access to fresh air and support heart pill Nitroglycerin;. In the neuroses a good remedy is Valerian, as well as exercise and peace of mind. A sharp pain relieved by adopting sick of the Seating position and warming up his feet. You can put a pill of Validol under the tongue or to drink up to 40 drops of Corvalol or Valocordin". If the effect is not followed, it is necessary to take Nitroglycerin and immediately call an ambulance.

Also when the pain in the heart can help medications "Sorbitol", "Nitrosorbid", "Dithranol", Sustac. Their action starts after 15 minutes after ingestion, so if a person has an acute attack, you should call a specialist at home.