Heart pain can occur as a consequence of cardioneurosis - diseases of the nervous system. Under stress they are amplified and are aching, permanent. Pain in the heartthat are caused by inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) aching, long-lasting, sometimes they are combined with stitching pains. They usually felt behind the breastbone, and slightly to the left of it. The pain may intensify during exertion, combined with shortness of breath, weakness, feeling of "disruption" in the heart, as well as his "fading", sometimes with a low fever. Data pain often occur after 2 or 3 weeks after a sore throat or other illness. To joke with such pain can not - you should immediately consult a doctor.
Also, cardiac pain may appear spasms of the arteries that are delivered to heart muscle the oxygen and all essential nutrients. Data pain attacks called angina, they are very dangerous.The strokes appear at first, if stress or physical exertion. The pain is crushing or constricting in nature and manifests itself either in the upper part of the sternum or to the left from her. Such pain can radiate into the left half of the neck and face, left arm, lower jaw, in the region of the left scapula, left ear, sometimes in the right shoulder or both shoulder, or both hands, at least in the back. Sometimes the pain may spread to the legs, the left part of the abdomen or in the lumbar region.Starts pain with increasing character, rarely the pain can be sudden, lasts several minutes and then disappears.
There are more than 40 diseases that simulate pain in the heart, chief among them are diseases of the spine and the gastrointestinal tract. Pain under the ribs, under the breast for the most part is not cardiac, and neurological. If the pain complicates breathing, a pulmonary pain (pneumonia and pleurisy). The pain is constant, strong, which does not change with the adoption of vasodilator drugs, indicates the presence of inflammation of the intercostal muscles or nerves. When intercostal neuralgia and myositis, pain can be amplified depending on the implementation of tilt right or left.