Advice 1: What if the child was diagnosed with an enlarged heart

Usually an enlarged heart is found incidentally on routine medical examination of the child when carrying out a chest x-ray. Diagnosed with "cardiomegaly," or an enlarged heart, shocking the parents. What to do if the baby's heart increased.
It is very important not to miss the cardiomegaly, is a symptom of a serious disease.
Cardiomegaly distinguish primary and secondary. The secondary increase of the heart can develop as a result of other illnesses: infectious diseases of the heart and other organs and systems, severe toxic lesions, respiratory failure. The exact cause of primary cardiomegaly of exam not fully known.

Enlarged heart usually found incidentally — during routine medical examination, the results of radiography of the chest. On x-ray are clearly visible above the size of the heart shadow. Also small changes can be detected on the electrocardiogram and auscultation of the heart. Mandatory study is Echocardiography.

Typically, when cardiomegaly is detected during the examination, appointed because of the deteriorating condition of the child, it is an unfavorable prognostic sign. Usually in this case the disease is rapid and severe, often ends in death.

The symptoms that you should pay attention to:
— heart palpitations;
— shortness of breath;
— pallor of the skin;
— cyanosis of the lips and nose;
— swelling;
— lack of appetite.

Child's heart beats itself more often than adults, therefore to judge how frequent palpitations or not a specialist is difficult. But the frequency of heart beats above 160 — it's definitely an alarming sign. Breathing cardiomegaly not only quickens, but also disrupted his rhythm. The child breathes often superficial and sometimes as "miss" breaths.

Pallor of the skin develops because of impaired circulation due to a lack of heart. If these violations are not remedied, the paleness increases, and appears cyanosis — bluish color of the skin of nasolabial triangle.

Swelling indicate a fairly severe circulatory disorders when the child's heart is not doing its job and the fluid begins to "sweat" out of the bloodstream into the tissues.

Lack of appetite is the most common symptom of most diseases, often the first. And, unfortunately, many mothers do not pay due attention.

So, the child revealed an enlarged heart. What should I do?

First of all, do not panic. By itself, an enlarged heart on radiographs does not mean anything. The child needs to spend the minimum necessary surveys. After all the laboratory and instrumental researches of the baby will be directed to consult a pediatric cardiologist who on the basis of the child's status and data of all surveys will be able to put the correct diagnosis and select appropriate treatment. To delay the consultation of a specialist is not necessary, after all, treatment is most effective when not deployed the clinical picture of the disease. This means that the heart is to cope with their work, and it can be restored. With the appearance of visible symptoms to delay the more impossible.

So do not neglect routine medical examinations and surveys. Don't forget that in some cases they can save a little life.

Advice 2: What to do if you have no appetite

The disappearance of appetite is alarming. Usually it is start to show the disease who do not have pronounced symptoms. Try resetting your appetite, and if nothing happens, then consult your doctor.
What to do if you have no appetite
First of all, pay attention to what you eat. If the majority of your diet consists of high calorie, fatty and unhealthy foods, it is possible that the disappearance of appetite associated with indigestion. Propene course easy digestive drug, for example, "Mezim" or "Festal". From the first days of treatment you will understand helps you a tool or not. If you not only want to start there, but will ease in the abdomen, so fundamentally reconsider the usual menu.

If treatment does not help, make a specific feeding schedule. If you constantly snack, such as candy or drink juice or soda, the reason may be hiding in it. Eat only at the appointed time and watch better appetite or not. Often children refuse to eat for this reason.

Half an hour before eating, take vitamin C or eat a plastic lemon. Ascorbic acid provokes the production of gastric juices, and with it comes the desire to eat. Sold and integrated the drugs that stimulate the appetite, but before their application it is best to consult a doctor (therapist). For kids are manufactured a similar product.

When appetite is lost because of illness, to restore it in a few weeks. Eat more raw fruit and vegetables, try to eat and soups, even if you don't want to. Digestion returns to normal, the drugs will be released from the blood and all will be as it should be.

If you absolutely helps nothing, get tested and go through ultrasound of internal organs. It is possible that you had some disease, and to normalize appetite, you need to get rid of the provoking factor. Do not ignore these signals, the body as lack of appetite, because it can occur even cancer.
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