The main reasons

The nature of the pain in the intestines directly linked with his illness. Reasons may be the following factors:

- intestinal obstruction;
adhesions illness;
- intestinal colic;
- accumulation of gases.

In intestinal obstruction the pain is paroxysmal in nature and is the result of stretching of the muscle belly.

Adhesive disease is a consequence of the various abdominal operations the abdomen. In this case, the gut hurts due to the formation of adhesions between the loops.

Intestinal colic is a cramping pain. They are often associated with smooth muscle contraction, which covers the walls of the small intestine and colon. Pains are periodic in nature.

Flatulence, also known as flatulence, occurs when the irritable stomach, intestinal dysbiosis and tumors.

Reasons can hurt the intestine, unable to escape and aggravated diseases of the small intestine, for example, in appendicitis. In these cases, in addition to pain may experience other symptoms – fever, vomiting, nausea.


Treatment of pain in the intestine is mainly aimed at the normal exemption and reduction, to facilitate the process of digestion. Of course, taking one pill the disease is not curable. But to ease the condition by using simple actions. It should be noted that pain itself is not coming, so initially when the first symptoms should seek the advice of a doctor. An experienced physician examined the patient's condition, put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

If the pain in the intestine paroxysmal, severe, sharp, which does not allow to move, you should treat the emergency doctors.

When the pain associated with bloating after meals, emergency reduction and rumbling will help absorbent products. They contribute to painless exit gases.

If there are problems with a chair, you should take mild laxatives substances. They quickly and effectively normalize the bowels. In addition, the treatment of pain in the intestines necessarily include special attention for diet.

The health of the gut largely depends on what a person eats. For the normal and healthy working of the body in the daily diet should be present a large amount of fibrous food and fiber. This can be achieved by using the reception in the morning of cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits.