No doctor without examination and dynamic monitoring of patients will not be able to predict the prognosis of the disease, and the deterioration in the condition may develop rapidly. The more unfavorable combination of pain in the abdomen and fever – this may indicate that the pathological process affects the body as a whole, so a doctor's advice (even when vague nature of the pain) is always required.Cases of peritonitis when probodeniem ulcers of the stomach or intestines abound in medical practice, so any expert would insist if not immediate hospitalization, its desirability, monitoring, and evaluation. Even in cases when the pain in the abdomen and the temperature arise from intestinal infections, it is necessary examination to determine the nature of the infection and treatment, because the pain and temperature affect the life processes in the body.When pain and temperature, regardless of presence of concomitant vomiting and diarrhea, before consulting the doctor, the patient should be put to bed, to limit motor activity and to appoint a "hungry" diet. This reduces the load on the body and allows you to start treatment, especially when the need for surgery, without the lengthy preparation of the patient is lavage of the stomach and intestinal enemas.But to provide drinking should always vomiting should be given the liquid in small portions and you should prefer mineral water without gas, herbal infusions of rose hips, chamomile, weak black or green tea. Fluid intake to reduce metabolic disorders and to compensate for increased moisture loss through the skin and mucous membranes with increasing temperature.Highly undesirable without prescription to provide the patient with any anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs – these drugs can provide a "disservice" to both patient and physician. The clinical picture of the disease can significantly change the ability of a physician to timely establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment is decreasing and the number of diagnostic errors increases.