You will need
  • "But-shpa";
  • - "Paracetamol";
  • - decoction of Valerian (mint);
  • - "Papaverine";
  • - warmer.
Usually, diagnosis of causes of abdominal pain is in medical practice one of the difficult tasks. There are situations when the patient's pain is weak and he needs urgent surgery. And sometimes Vice versa: acute abdominal pain, which do not result in serious consequences. In any case, consultation with a doctor will not be superfluous under any circumstances.
There are times when at home to cope with the pain in my stomach. For example, if they are due to intestinal colic. In this case occurs cramping pain. The development of this disease contributes to nervous stress, food poisoning, diet. In this case, take a decoction of Valerian and mint, the tablets "But-shpy". With regular colic, contact your gastroenterologist. Perhaps the reason is to worm infestations and disease of the biliary tract.
Abdominal pain can also occur during menstruation in women. It is worth noting that in medical practice is considered normal if the data period is painless. However, if you still pull your abdomen, do not suffer from pain, take action. In this case, you save the tablet of papaverine or "no-Spa". These drugs relieve the spasms, helping to reduce pain. You can also take a pain pill ("Paracetamol", "Ibuprofen", etc.). In some cases, a warm water bottle helps if it is applied to the lower abdomen. Then try to sleep, thus, there will be a General relaxation of the body and the pain subsides.
Abdominal pain often occur in diseases of the pelvic organs: uterus, ovaries, bladder. In this case you will also need the advice of a qualified. For inflammation of the bladder pain localized in the pubic region. This raises the feeling of cramps and burning sensation when urinating. This infection if not properly treated, is capable of hitting the kidneys, triggering the development of pyelonephritis. As an immediate first aid is permissible to take the pill "Paracetamol" or "no-Spa".
Often the cause of abdominal pain in women gynecological diseases (impaired ectopic pregnancy, ruptured ovarian cyst or torsion). These diagnoses require an urgent operation. Don't waste precious time, if you have any severe abdominal pain, accompanied by loss of consciousness, dizziness and sudden weakness. Immediately seek help from a doctor.