All front-wheel models of VAZ, including the VAZ – 21099, installed a carburetor type "Solex". The only difference in the diameters of the nozzles depending on engine size. The basic setup of the carb is the idle adjustment.

The carb adjustment is only possible with proper timing and correctly established moment of ignition

Before starting adjustment work you must remove the air filter housing, disconnect the cable choke, the wire of the electromagnetic valve of idling and fuel hoses.


To perform this operation you will need: spanners 8, 10, 13, Phillips screwdriver, Eclipse.

Carb adjustment

At the beginning of the adjustment is checked and set the fuel level in the float chamber. A ruler or caliper measure the distance from fuel level to the plane of the connector of the carb, it should be 25.5 mm.

To adjust the fuel level with a screwdriver remove the five screws and remove the top cover of the carb. Flip the lid horizontally with the floats up. The gap between the lower ends of the floats and gasket should be the same and 0.5 – 1 mm. If the clearance is not equal or differs from the norm, to handle the tucking of the levers of floats.

Next is adjusting the trigger device. Before adjusting, check the state of the diaphragm, to do this remove the four screws and remove the cover. Aperture with defects must be replaced.

Completely close the choke and pull the stock launcher of the device until it stops. The air valve should be slightly opened to the value of the starting gap of 3 mm. If different from the specified value, loosen the lock nut on the cover and adjust the gap screw.

Once installed on the lid of the carb will need adjustment of air damper. To do this, fully open the choke and fully to drown the handle of the air damper in the car.

Pull the actuator rod out of the sheath until it stops and tighten the screw on the lever of door actuator. To pull the handle actuator in the passenger compartment, the air damper should close completely. Again push the handle – damper should be fully open.

If not, then you need to loosen the bolt securing the thrust shell and move the shell to the air intake valve fully opened and closed.

Adjustment of idling

The idle speed adjustment to achieve a minimum content of toxic substances in exhaust gases. Adjustment is made on a warm engine, with the air cleaner.

As the idle speed adjustment takes place by means of the detector, this work is better to spend on station maintenance

Rotating the plastic adjustment screw of quantity of a mixture set to idle value 750 – 800 rpm. The gas analyzer measured the co content in the exhaust gases. The norm is 1% with a tolerance of 0.3 percent.

If necessary, the size is adjustable WITH a screw, the closed disposable plastic cap. When screwing in the screw the co content reduces, unscrewing increases.

Next, screw the number of restore previous idle and re-check the co content. The adjustment is repeated until the optimal result. After adjustment sharply press the gas pedal – the engine should have no failures to increase the revs and when you release the pedal should not stall.